7 January, 2017

The Jews: Eternal Victims?

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“Oy, veh, people are always picking on us!” cries the Jew. A clever tactic: now he’s got “the power of the victim.” The reality, however, is very different. The Jews have been wrecking nations and behaving badly since before Biblical times – in fact, the Romans had to land on them several times, such was the Jews’ horrible behavior (see The Roman-Jewish Wars)[1].


[1] “The Jews became dominant by accumulating a substantial portion of the wealth of every country that they infiltrated. And they accumulated their wealth by collaborating with each other and preying on the host population. Their collaboration was based on their racial consciousness, on their conviction that they were a distinct and unique people, superior to the people among whom they lived and deserving of whatever they could take away from their hosts. The Jews in Rome did not think of themselves as Romans who happened to believe in Judaism, but as Jews who happened to live in Rome.” — Dr. William Pierce, in the article “How It Fits Together”

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