10 January, 2017

Who Really Causes Divisiveness in America?

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Consider a room full of people. The first person in the room to complain about something will be a Jew. The second person in the room to complain about something will be a liberal. The last person in the room to complain about something will be a normal person. If anyone causes America to be “divided,” it’s the Jew and the liberal, who run around with magnifying glasses looking for the tiniest thing to bitch about (and the tiniest thing usually involves race).


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  7. 4 Responses to “Who Really Causes Divisiveness in America?”

    1. Palimpalam Says:

      With respect to the room, I have my doubts, to see :

      – The Jew would say, “I’ve seen the room very full, six million at least.

      – the liberal, I would say that, – it is true, I can confirm, and anyone who says otherwise, denounce.

      The of the room, would be very likely non-Western people or communist, that exclamarian : – There are our leaders, go, pity, come with guests, do as if nothing !

      The last to leave the room would be the common person, who through fear each other is up to his apartment, connects to the internet, and as you read this, takes a breath and said : – my God, what I have left…there were only a hundred people but that faces and things said in this satanic ritual. I didn’t have to stay so long, but I had to make sure that the sacrificed was only a doll white plastic.

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      The real crime is having to listen to Marching Band music. Leave the music to Jackie Evancho, and fly the rebel flag behind her, lol. Perfection.

    3. Maynard Says:

      I am sorry but this is off topic. I live in a “Senior” building. When I ask the men if they want to read any articles about WN or the plight of the white race, they say, no that it makes them depressed. All of the women watch CNN and believe everything that is said on that network! Are young white people any better? I doubt it! It does not look good for the future of the white race!

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Why does it not surprise me that the article is
      authored by a bow tie wearing
      Monkee who is afraid a Confederate flag will send the wrong message!
      No mention of the hundreds of Whites beat and abused by niggers upset about
      Trumps election victory.
      Commies and Jiggaboos both suck real bad!

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