11 February, 2017

Movie About Sully

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Sounds like a pretty good film, but one thing: the word “hero” is used much too freely in our society. Very often, “helping/saving people” is in the job description of whoever is being called a “hero” (e.g., cops, firefighters, paramedics, security guards, etc. Even airplane pilots have a duty to try and save their passengers if they crash).


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  7. 3 Responses to “Movie About Sully”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      True on ‘hero’ being thrown around in the same way ‘awesome’ is used for things that are far less than ‘awe’ some.

      But I think people are so used to the people around them being incompetent that they were thrilled when a pilot actually possessed the skill to land the damned plane, lol.

      I was on a flight that ‘skeered’ me in November. Plane shook and at one point felt like it would flip-it dipped on it’s side quite a bit. This was turbulence due to wind, and afterward we found out how bad it was-they couldn’t elevate to 30,000 feet for a great deal of the flight.
      And this plane looked as ratty as an Austin CapMetro bus. Creepy.

      So people are in awe of this old fashioned trait called ‘I know how to do my job’. It’s become so rare it will make you be deemed a ‘hero”.

    2. Joe Says:

      I have the same peeve with the use of the word, “genius”. It is bandied about to describe the merest of “talent” and thus diminishes the great men who truly deserve the accolade.

    3. fd Says:

      Mr. H said that a person is a genius at the first spark of birth. In contrast, the Jews claim a person can grow into a genius. Yeah right.

      Everybody is a hero — Orwellian group think.