1 February, 2017

Tribal Thinking

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Liberals’ hearts bleed at the thought of pickaninnies going hungry in Africa, but it bothers them not at all that the policy of their favorite President has caused the deaths of nearly a million children in Iraq. When South Africa had a White government just a few years ago, liberals were constantly in an uproar, demonstrating, agitating, lobbying, writing editorials, screaming for new sanctions, and flying into a rage at the news of every new incident of perceived “racial injustice” or White mistreatment of Blacks. Then there was an instant of delirious joy and triumph among liberals when the White South Africans foolishly permitted themselves to be persuaded to vote for Black rule in their country. Since then, however, as South Africa has descended into chaos and ruin under Black rule, liberals have completely lost interest in what used to be their favorite preoccupation. They don’t want to hear anything about South Africa these days.”


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  7. 2 Responses to “Tribal Thinking”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Tribalism is the way we must think if we are to survive as a people!
      We have been atomized and guilt tripped hard by our Enemies into thinking
      that its wrong somehow for Whites but ok for everbody else . Especially the Jews.
      The White South Africans forgot to think Tribally and bought the propaganda lies and guilt
      trip tactics from home and abroad especially the Leftist Marxist Jew Press here.

      Then they Voluntarily! gave power to a bunch of a Communist Niggers known as the
      ANC. Their country and rights and wealth have gone down to 3rd world status.
      Crime assaults murders and rapes especially have gone up. Rolling brown outs are
      Common. Whites have to live in fenced and guarded communities and have to travel
      in large armed groups for safety.

      Want to know what America will look like under the Commie Democrats?

      Look at South Africa where Whites are an Oppressed Minority. Liberals over here cant
      face facts. Then again they never can.
      When you become a minority in your Country or even own neighborhoods- —
      You as an individual. And You as A People are in deep shit.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      This article by the Good Doctor still makes as much sense Now as it did then!!