8 February, 2017

Where Does Free Speech End and Harmful Speech Begin, or, What Would Our White Founders Think?

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Let’s say that you own a beautiful old house like the one shown above. Would you allow a construction crew to come to your house with sledgehammers and crack the house’s concrete foundation, thereby weakening it forever? Of course you wouldn’t, unless you’re a complete idiot. America’s founders weren’t idiots[1]. Think of America as a beautiful old house as you read this.

I’ve heard people say many times that “people have the right to their own political opinions.” That idea sounds great, doesn’t it? But what if certain opinions are harmful to the traditional American culture that our founding fathers gave us? Are those opinions free speech? America was founded as a White Western republic, not a brown, multicultural “democracy” [2]. Are anti-Western/anti-White opinions legitimate free speech? Not if they weaken the traditional American culture that our founders gave us. It’s that simple. For example, if you believe that illegal aliens should be able to come to America, without being arrested or deported, then that’s a dangerous idea and if you repeat that idea in public then it’s not constitutionally protected speech, it’s instead dangerous and subversive speech. There’s a fine line between free speech and dangerous speech. If you have dangerous ideas, and you make those ideas known publicly, then that’s subversion. Here’s a basic litmus test: is the idea/opinion anti-Western/anti-White? Was the idea shared publicly with others? If so, then it isn’t free speech. It’s dangerous speech that’s harmful to traditional American culture. If it’s an anti-White idea, then our founding fathers would have rejected it and would not have called it “free speech.”

[1] the founders were, however, short-sighted: they should have been much more specific when they wrote the Constitution

[2] America wasn’t regularly called a “democracy” until the 1930s when the Roosevelt administration began doing so

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    1. fd Says:

      In 1787 hard-case anti-federalist Patrick Henry called the Constitution a crazy magazine. He warned that it would destroy statehood.

      I never thought I needed permission from government to express my will. Free Speech is not an invention.