6 March, 2017

Everything Must Be “Queered” Today. Why?

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Did the original Beauty and the Beast have a homosexual character? Nope. So why does this new version have one? Why does every movie and every TV show need a queer character? [1].


[1] Beauty and the Beast is a French fairy tale by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, first published in 1740

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  7. 4 Responses to “Everything Must Be “Queered” Today. Why?”

    1. White Winger Says:

      And ,if not Queers, before that, it was putting NIGGERS in roles that were originally WHITE – remakes, comic book movies, sci-fi, you name it.

      And this latest rendition has TWO niggers ,as well as a Queer character ,in it.

    2. Luke Says:

      I have had an on-going debate with a White male friend of mine that has been continuing for the last 2 decades – about this very topic.

      The debate is whether the jews push this degenerate, racially and culturally destructive garbage because they think it will improve their profits – or whether they are pushing it because its part of their agenda to subvert, undermine, poison and eventually destroy White European people and White Western civilization.

      He takes the first position. He has a background in the sales world – so, he is hardwired to refuse to entertain any thoughts that anyone who has a product to ‘sell’ would be so stupid as to use sales tactics that might reduce their profit margins or which would have a negative effect on their ability to get people to purchase their product.

      I take the second position. The funny thing, though – about our ‘debate’ is that no matter how many examples I show this guy that proves that the media jews are perfectly willing to take huge financial losses on such things as casting a blue-gum in the role of ‘James West’ in that huge flop movie they made of The Wild, Wild West TV show – or, as they are about to do by casting an African as ‘James Bond’, or the almost endless number of other movies that have flopped miserably whenever they try to shove their anti-White, anti-White Male, anti-Southerner, pro-faggot degenerate crap down the throats of Red State America – this guy cannot bring himself to throw in the towel and admit I’ve won the debate.

      There are some people who have expressed doubts that jews are even human, at least not so in the form that White European people consider to be the normal definition of a human. I can’t decide where I stand on this question, but by observing the bizarre behaviors exhibited by jews – behaviors that defy most standards of human behavior, I can easily understand why some people see them as an alien species that is totally different than regular humans.

    3. fd Says:

      It’s a big true that Jews will push their agenda with no concern on the affect it may have on selling products.

      The 3d Reconstuction continues to move forward with great fury: Federal and state judges are busy removing statues and renaming streets, buildings, parks, whatever as fast as the law allows.

      I have yet to learn on what principle the Federals forced a statue of Lincoln and his son on Richmond, the ol’ Confederate capital. It’s hard for good people in the South to believe such hatred is possible.

    4. fd Says:

      dismiss all typos :)