9 March, 2017

Feminism in Australia: Feeding the God of Human Equality, Again

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“The Committee for Melbourne is promoting the changing of traffic lights in the city to help reduce unconscious bias, specifically the bias that women are less equal than men.” To be called “equal” you gotta earn it; you can’t show up with a hammer and nails after the house has been built and say “wow, we did a good job, huh??” Doesn’t work that way. To paraphrase the movie Rob Roy, “to know one’s place in life is a great blessing.” Be blessed.


  • One Response to “Feminism in Australia: Feeding the God of Human Equality, Again”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      More PC run amok. More feel good bs from the left. More things to make the
      Hated White Male forget—- You didnt build that!
      Like Bongo the Funky Monkey said.