1 March, 2017

Kennedy, Barak, and Revolution

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“There’s other news relative to the Clinton-Barak relationship which never has appeared in the controlled media over here. For example, there’s the growing status in Israel of the tomb of mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein. It has become an Israeli national shrine, a sort of second Wailing Wall, with thousands of religious Jews flocking there to worship and pay their respects. Baruch Goldstein, remember, is the Jew from Brooklyn who went to Israel so obsessed with Jewish racial hatred against the Palestinians that he slaughtered 29 of them in February 1994 while they were praying at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. Goldstein sneaked up behind the Palestinians while they were kneeling in prayer and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing 29 of them and wounding another 60. The armed Jewish guards outside the mosque did not try to stop him nor did they think it odd for a Jew to carry an assault rifle into a mosque. In Israel many Jews carry assault rifles in public; it is only in America that the Jews want to ban assault rifles. Goldstein was killed by the surviving, unarmed Palestinians in the mosque while he was attempting to reload his rifle. Goldstein became an instant national hero to the Jews, and many Jewish tourists from America make a pilgrimage to his tomb near Hebron.”


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