17 March, 2017

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Blacks

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Seen: an advertisement for a TV show about slavery in America.

Granted, it wasn’t intentional, but slavery was actually good for Blacks. Because of slavery, Blacks are now “modern,” “educated” and “Western”[1]. They no longer live in grass huts in the jungles of Africa. They live in White countries. They have indoor plumbing, refrigeration and cell phones. They are now cops, firemen, teachers, mayors, judges, even Supreme Court justices. Furthermore on the subject, most White slave owners treated their slaves pretty well (slaves were very expensive, and sick, injured or malnourished slaves couldn’t work) [2]. Yet, the Blacks and the liberals regularly moan about the horrors of slavery. (Think about what would happen if you asked a modern negro if he would be willing to travel back in time to live in the jungle in Africa, just like his ancestors did. You can guess his answer!).


[1] actually, Blacks are not really Western, they are only superficially Western (wearing tennis shoes and t-shirts doesn’t make you a Westerner)

[2] male negro slaves sold for 260 pounds in South Carolina in 1758 (that was a lot of money then)

  • 6 Responses to “The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Blacks”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      In Europe from the late medieval period to the mid 19th century working class Whites in both rural and urban locations were treated far worse than any Black slave in North America. Their lives were completely expendable and indeed there were plenty of White slaves in North America from the early 17th century up until the War for Independence. Newbies, don’t let the talking heads tell you that these White people were just ‘indentured servants’, some of them were, but large numbers suffered chattel slavery “unto death”.
      If there are any reparations to be paid, White working people should be top of the list in demanding recompense for the brutality their ancestors suffered at the hands of the ‘aristocracy’ and jew plutocrats.

    2. fd Says:

      When the New Englanders figured out they could pay the Irish 10 cents an hour — slavery was no longer fashionable. Little Rhode Island was a big market for slave trade. After satisfying slave drivers in the North, the majority were sent to Southern colonies. A creepy business.

    3. archer Says:

      Sometime ago I read a condensed history of about 400 years of Ireland under British rule, it’s hard to imagine a people being treated any worse than the Irish, in their own country no less.

    4. fd Says:

      During the 4 years war, southern Irish were appalled that the northern Irish were fighting for a country that treated them as second class citizens. The Irish and Germans marched together during the draft riots in New York city. They tore down everything that represented Black republican rule.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      Plenty of Whites were abused or enslaved outright or were fuedal economic slaves
      like the Irish. In the making of America.
      Today they use Mexicans and other increasingly weird bipedal mystery meat.
      Who will tear throughout nice White areas like Hordes of Locusts and Rats
      once their food supply and govt handouts stop.
      Bringing the Groids here was the best thing ever for them . We sorta civilzed
      Some but most are tribal savages who live in cities. Not jungles.
      They are no different than the nigs in South Sudan . The newest Nig Nation.

      Already in mass famine and bloody civil war. No. They might be here but they will
      Always want more from evil ol whitey. They are a GRIEVANCE PEOPLE FOREVER.
      That is WHY we
      Must separate ourselves from their Race and others . Forever.
      Business and trade only if not at war with us. In a new Racial Nation State.


    6. Tina Carter Says:

      I don’t agree with it. Slavery was not good for Blacks, and it was very bad for us European.

      We should never have depended on other race, and current import & export with China & Mexico can be traced back to our forefather foolishness. Depending on other race for physical labor, hell they even let Jews moved among themselves knowing very well what Jews have done back in Europe.

      In either case as an Aryan race we must face our mistake and admit our fault otherwise we will never overcome our weakness.

      We can start by not depending on Jews, and this can be done by every single white man women and child.

      Turnoff TV, and delete all the shows from your laptop, smartphone & desktop, and never let enemy poison your mind.

      Living room in White man house is a concentration camp that Aryan pay to destroy their mind.