29 March, 2017

The Theft of Our Freedom

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“A big thing with the liberals these days is “freedom from oppression.” By “oppression” the liberals mean anything which makes them feel bad or keeps them from having what they want. To the liberals poverty is a form of oppression. So is feeling bad because they are ugly or stupid or awkward or ill-bred or unpopular. The liberals consider a person is “oppressed” when he is reminded of his inferiority by something another person writes or says. Feminists, in particular, are fond of complaining about this sort of “oppression.” They believe that they are free from oppression only when they are feeling good about themselves, and this “freedom to feel good,” as they see it, is threatened by people who say “insensitive” things. The liberals believe that they are fighting for freedom from oppression when they campaign for laws designed to protect the feelings of people who could be offended by the comments or actions of other people. These laws are often called “hate laws.” The liberals sometimes speak of “freedom from hate” and believe that they are achieving that with their “hate laws.'”


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  7. 13 Responses to “The Theft of Our Freedom”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      I think it is ‘oppression’ that I can’t claim to be tall. I mean, I feel tall on the inside-so what if I’m 5’3″ on the outside?

      Rachel Dolezal has shown us all the way. If you feel black, you are black. Anyone who says you aren’t is racist and is abusing you.

      People should be free from such reality based ‘hate’. Reality itself is a ‘hater’.

    2. fd Says:

      Good observation, Emily. It reminds of the great victory Bedford Forrest won at Brice’s Crossroads: “White [federal] soldiers were afraid to be caught with the [federal] niggers, and the niggers, were afraid to be caught without them.” Hypocrisy ! !

    3. Tina Carter Says:

      You guys have seen a video of Jews supporting Papa Trump?


      Theft of our freedom is done through control of media and entertainment industry..

      Through control opposition we are wasting our life with election & entertainment industry.

    4. Emily Henderson Says:

      @TinaCarter: true on media.

      I don’t know who thinks of the Pres as ‘Papa’-that’s a very Communist concept, lol. Bernie Sanders was Papa or ‘Santa Claus’ perhaps.

      True that anyone who lifts Trump up to be more than a mere mortal with imperfect (to say the least) associations would be foolish.

      But Tina: do you know that the Trans Pacific Partnership-struck by Trump-would’ve ended your ability to criticize ‘Papa Trump’, or Jews, for that matter?

      So some things are worse than others. We still have our alternative media in the internet, to some degree. Need to protect it. TIPA is the new trade deal threatening it.

    5. Emily Henderson Says:

      *Correction-It’s TISA, not TIPA.
      Stands for Trade In Services Agreement.

    6. fd Says:

      Off Topic

      The Daily Stormer is transforming into something else. The website has always been an oxymoron. A contradiction on many issues. Anglin’s most recent text uncovers its true mission. I have no ambitions to criticize his words, although I don’t agree with most of it. The new Daily Stormer website has chosen to internalize our enemies.

      If we internalize our enemies we’re screwed. In the natural world separation is freedom.

    7. Dr. Doom Says:

      Do not worry goyim, Papa Kardashian and His shiksa daughter will stop your genocide for you. Step away from your guns and enjoy the show. Eat and get fat, cows.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      Sister I am sarcastically calling him Papa :)

      He is such a buffoon that it is not even funny. I thought Le Pen was an embarrassment to us as French Nationalist, but alas you American have stolen our shame made it your president.

      Nonetheless, I find it depressing (right here in NYC) how our white nationalist are willing to throw in the towel because Papa (sarcastic) Trump is elected.

      There is a was weekly article by late William Pierce “Jews are our misfortune”. Where tell us that everything Jews do is harmful to us. Therefore entire political process is poison to our community.

      The way Trump and Pence support Israel is soo sickening. Jews are the one who opened up immigration to every race so they can feel right at home, and through multiculturalism (chaos) and diversity (diversion) they are easily able to control our planet through media and entertainment industry.

      Current hullabaloo about Trump/Russia is perfect replay of what they did with Nixon & Clinton.

      Carl Bernstein made sure Watergate turn into a massive scandal.

      Monica Lewinsky saved the dress to expose & blackmail Clinton.

      Now we have Ezra Cohen Watnick behind current Trump/Russia scandal investigated by FBI.

      They will use current scandals to blackmail Papa Trump to do their bidding.

      Shouldn’t be too hard since all of his kids are married to cancerous race.

      But hey it could have been worst I suppose we could ended up with a president who called him penis Jerry like Warren G. Harding:)

      “March 12, 1915

      Jerry — you recall Jerry, whose cards I once sent you to Europe — came in while I was pondering your notes in glad reflection, and we talked about it. He was strongly interested, and elated and clung to discussion. He told me to say that you are the best and darlingest in the world, and if he could have but one wish, it would be to be held in your darling embrace and be thrilled by your pink lips that convey the surpassing rapture of human touch and the unspeakable joy of love’s surpassing embrace. I cordially agree with all he said. Perhaps it is not important maybe it is not even interesting, but he is devotedly, exclusively, for you. . . .”


    9. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina Carter: As soon as I saw him visit Liberty University and pander to the Zionists, I knew that element was there-hard to know where it’s pandering and where it’s sincere support of Zionist cucked Whites, and a bit too early to tell imo.

      Time will tell what promises are kept and which are not. The Healthcare situation was a disappointment, and why he’s meeting with Rand Paul on that I’ve no clue-what he already promised the Am. People on his platform was what he should have stuck with.

      And supposedly he is sticking with his border wall plan-an actual wall and not a ‘figurative’ wall, lol.

      But it remains to be seen. Should he not keep his promises, this four years will be his one and only chance.
      Should he keep even a portion of them-especially with re to the Wall, Muslim ‘screening’, and healthcare: he will have an increase of support rather than decrease, imo.

      Not sure why you feel as you do on LePen, would be interested in that. :)

    10. Tina Carter Says:

      @Emily Henderson

      Marine Le Pen is a European version of Hilary Clinton expect her entire family is married to Jews.

      Her last husband Franck Chauffroy worked for Israeli Military.

      Here is the best part when her father was recently arrested for “insulting” Jews. Officer at the scene was a Jew. Whole thing was setup to get vote for his daughter.


      It is very strange but current white nationalist movements are married to Jews, or happen to be full-blooded Jews.

      Here is a quote from devil’s mouth:

      “Goldnadel says that for understandable historical reasons, CRIF was long wary of the French extreme right, “but have to wake up to the fact that it is not the extreme right that is spilling Jewish blood in France today.”


      Another word they are admitting without speaking too loudly that Jews control white nationalist movement in Europe. I believe late Dr. William Pierce also pointed out about Le Pen Jewish family ties..

      This is the same dog and pony show Jews used in America, Greek, and UK.

      Our community needs to look for far beyond false promises. Solution does not lie in voting for tweedle dee and tweedle dum. I am not suggesting any violence, but we got go beyond current control opposition, it is a trap.

      PS: So called Border Wall is farce since it will be built using Mexican workers, and guess what Hispanic =Jewish company owners from Mexico are bidding for its construction. Once construction is completed all southern states will be minority majority. Papa Trump always have minority in his in Trump administration working from top to bottom Jews to Chinese…


    11. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina Carter: Interesting on LePen-I’ll read up before forming an opinion. Not familiar with her father or family ties.

      On the border wall: it’s true on (((who))) profits-with this, it’s the same as our oil wars that line certain pockets.

      However, Texas and Cali are already White Minority States. The border wall is still less expensive than housing Latin Am. Illegals. It would create 25,000 or so new jobs–but as you say, many may benefit Mestizo Illegals. Measures would have to be taken to employ White construction workers, something you rarely if ever see on road or bridge projects in Texas.

      I heard rumor of a fine imposed on wiring money via Western Union to the ‘familia’ in Mexico, haha. But it hasn’t happened yet.

      Time will tell on all.

    12. Tina Carter Says:

      @Emily Henderson

      Regarding Le Pen Jewish Background

      Here are some reference links.

      “Aliot was born in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, to a family of ethnic French heritage who had resided in Algeria (Pied-noir). His grandfather was Algerian Jewish. In the 1998 French regional elections, he was elected regional councillor of the Midi-Pyrénées and represented the department of Haute-Garonne during six years.

      He then became a close collaborator of FN leader Jean-Marie Le Pen and played an active role in Le Pen’s 2002 electoral campaign. He was sent to Perpignan to re-launch a divided and weakened FN federation. ”


      Family has a long ties with Jews.

      Le Pen wife even posted nude for Jewish Porn Magazine — to proof white nationalism is not hatred for Jews!

      “Marion Marchal Le Pen and her biological Mossad Daddy Roger Auque

      On 7 November 2013, the French weekly news magazine L’Express disclosed the identity of her birth father, Roger Auque, a Mossad agent and investigative journalist who died in September 2014. He revealed in a book that was published posthumously in 2015 that he had been a Mossad agent.”


      Meet the French Jews Who Love Marine Le Pen and Her Far Right Party
      Read more: http://forward.com/opinion/340090/meet-the-french-jews-who-love-marine-le-pen-and-her-far-right-party/

      PS: Look at the comments on forwards despite their hair splitting lawyer like quibbling, it quite obvious they support this Trojan horse.

    13. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina Carter: Well, Tina..you got it right w/re to Trump for sure, sad to say.