7 April, 2017

America is Doing More Nation-Wrecking in the Middle East (for Israel’s Benefit, as Usual)

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America has just fired missiles at Syria; gee, that’s funny, I didn’t know that Syria attacked, or threatened to attack, America. When did that happen? And to think, Donald Trump said in 2013 that America should not attack Syria! How ridiculous. (The smart money says that “Assad’s chemical attack on civilians” was a false-flag operation designed to justify Zionist actions against Syria, just like the fake “Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction” story was used to justify the 2003 Iraq War).

America doesn’t need to be involved in any more wars. If Israel wants to remake the Middle East, fine, let it. But Syria is not America’s business. In fact, it’s time for America to cancel the horrible 1975 MOU (a.k.a. “Sinai II”) security agreement with Israel and get out of the Middle East forever. (Newbies, all countries, even Muslim ones, have natural sovereignty, including Syria. In other words, what goes on in Syria is nobody’s business but Syria’s; while once a well-known and respected concept, sovereignty is usually ignored today, especially by America and Israel).


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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      When you realize you were duped and used, it really sucks. Those red hats were around thirty bucks. People really thought they were helping to MAGA.

      The trade agreements and ‘fix up’ of NAFTA are good. That’s in keeping with what was voted for.

      So to flip around and do the complete opposite re this-and in the same way they always do, a ‘tragedy’ that ‘forced their hand’-is very disheartening.

      Now it’s a matter of voicing discontent, and seeing how much worse this will all get-or not. if this goes the way I think it will, he will only have four years. And that includes if he makes good on the Border Wall, actually, because this already was a complete mess-the USA (Bush, Obama and H. Clinton) caused the development of ISIS in the first place. Trump brought it up near constantly, and how he wouldn’t drag us into this unnecessary never-ending nightmare.

      What’s worse here is that he knows better. Dubya was a moron. Hillary already let us know she cared more for Somali immigrants than American Whites. But Trump said one thing and has done the opposite in nothing flat.

      Same as the healthcare. Totally opposite of his platform, and yet people somehow hoped (myself included) that would be the worst thing he did. One lie led to two, and so forth.
      MAGA—must stand for Most Americans Gullible Always.

      My apologies to the three people I convinced to vote, and vote Trump.

    2. fd Says:

      The missile attack against Syria is just another day at the office in FederaLand. Those people have to wage perpetual war to justify their Leviathan existence.

      The Federal president is a lackey to the Jews. Why would anyone think otherwise? Syria and Iran are the biggest opponents to the artificial Jew state in the Middle East.

      When the Federal intriguers show up, everything goes down.

    3. Jürgen Says:

      The swamp is backed up, and really starting to smell bad.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      @Emily Henderson

      Sister, most of us European/White Nationalist are still in denial.

      The biggest red flag was his kids are married to Jews. That in itself should’ve been red freaking warning sings.

      Than he put Jared Kushner in charge of foreign policy.

      Ezra Cohen Watnick 30 years bisexual jew a senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, has been protected by Trump (google even remove his pictures) go head search for his pictures & videos in vain you ain’t gonna find one…

      If that is not a censorship I don’t know what is.

      All these things health care reform, immigration, and even economy should’ve been ignored.

      I have seen this in Europe when I was living in France. Virtually most of the leaders over there are Jews control, or married to Jews. Hack our last leader was a Hungarian Jew, yet white power used him as an example to promote white racial pride! The whole thing is just sickening.

      Even low life scumbag like Michael Hoffman promote these ideas — it’s okay to vote for semi Jew nationalist.

      All the while he he is bashing “neo-nazi”. I say fuck you Hoffman & same goes for idiot David Duke.

      We are well passed the point of using our political system to get ourselves outta this mess.

      We have to look beyond political solution. We can’t and we won’t solve our problem through voting.

      Interesting to note: Conservatives have a strange tendency of promoting homosexual programming in media (although it is control by jews).

      In Bush Era we got: Queer as Folk, Queer Eye for Straight Guy
      Now: Fox promoting The Mick (10 years transexual boy wearing bondage – PG rated)!

      If anyone wondering why I am blaming conservatives? Remember Trump love and promote Fox TV & Friends… Therefore, it’s entire republican party that deserve to be blame for this crap…

      Anyway, sister don’t feel bad, we are in for long haul. I am planning to vote for Trump in 2020 — just for kick. I hope by end of 8 years of Trump Jews totally take over this country.

      This is the only way we can wake up our white brothers & sisters. People have tendency of staying put until they are made so uncomfortable that they are forced to ignite revolution.

      Ain’t nothing else works.

    5. Free Speech Forum Says:

      One wonders if US wars lead to terrorism, refugees, debt, and tyranny.