26 April, 2017

The Lesson of Amy Biehl

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Some of us are made to feel guilty because our ancestors took North America away from the Indians or because we brought Black slaves here from Africa. This is apparently a unique racial trait we have. Indians certainly don’t feel sheepish about the fact that their ancestors, whenever they managed to capture a few of ours, had the habit of torturing them to death in ways so horrible that they are almost beyond our ability to imagine. Really, torture was a habitual public recreation of the Indians long before Whites arrived in the New World, and many of the tribes had permanent torture facilities set up in their villages for the specific purpose of putting prisoners to death publicly in the most painful ways possible. They found the screams of their victims amusing. I’m sure you weren’t taught this in your American History course in high school because these days it’s Politically Incorrect, but many knowledgeable historians — President Theodore Roosevelt, for example — wrote in detail about these things. The Indians don’t feel guilty or apologetic about this behavior today, but many of us feel guilty because our ancestors responded to this nasty habit of theirs by slaughtering them and taking their land.”


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    1. Luke Says:

      Thanks, Alex & his webmaster for continuing to post Dr. Pierce’s truly outstanding writings. I can remember listening to this broadcast when it originally came out, and its amazing how much of Pierce’s writings and broadcasts remain just as prevalent today as they were when he first offered them to his readers and listeners.

      I just recently discovered Alex’s ‘Linderblog’ website and have it bookmarked and have been making a daily visit to check what he has to say about current events – and I must say that, since Pierce left us, Alex Linder has done a very good job of filling his shoes. It would be fantastic if Alex could do a weekly podcast in the style of those that Dr. Pierce would do every Saturday – and I am pretty sure they would become classics, just as the old Pierce ADV broadcasts have become.