2 April, 2017

Why Are White People Feeling Hopeless and Dying Early?

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(Above: Jewish congressman Emanuel “Cool Manny C” Celler, a nation-wrecker par excellence)

“New research points to a disturbing culprit behind rising mortality rates among whites: a feeling of economic hopelessness.” I beg to differ. Try “racial and cultural hopelessness.” Deep down in his brain, Whitey knows that “traditional White America” is heading towards a cliff, thanks to immigration and multiculturalism; the good days are coming to an end; a brown, unsafe, violent nation is emerging — a country full of strangers who aren’t like us, who don’t share our beliefs, traditions and values. (Now to the nugget of the matter: who’s the most responsible for this coming change in America’s population? Jews. Out of ethnic paranoia they created the Immigration Act of 1965 [a.k.a., the Hart-Celler Act] and pushed it through Congress. That Act flooded America with brown people)[1].


[1] the Jewish congressman, Celler, “had a long history of advocating liberal immigration laws, so much so that he was the subject of a 1994 research paper bearing the telling subtitle “Leading Advocate of Liberal Immigration Policy”

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