20 April, 2017

Why Left-Wing Rule Will Always Fail

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You’ve heard the Jews and their useful idiots, the leftists, warning about Donald Trump and his “fascism”; some of them have even threatened to move to Canada as a result of Trump’s presidency (I don’t know if any have done so).

But do the leftists and the Jews really have anything to worry about regarding Trump or similar “fascists”? Let’s consider that:

When the Nazis controlled France beginning in 1940, did they wreck the country as some people expected? No, just the opposite: they were very conservative in their actions and deeds. They behaved like adults and practiced moderation and temperance – in fact, life in France hardly changed for most of the citizens (it was “allied” bombing that leveled buildings in France, not Nazi policies [1]).

However, when the Left takes control of a country, it will be ruined sooner or later. Guaranteed. Because leftists, like children, have no self-restraint or temperance. They are kids in adult bodies. Examples abound: France circa 1790; Chile in 1972-1973. Venezuela is in ruins today and the citizens are eating mice and lizards in order to survive. The Left, paraphrasing someone, will always “drive a country over a cliff.” Remember that whenever you see leftists and Jews moaning about “fascist right-wingers” who pose a “danger” to the free world. It’s quite the opposite: it’s the leftists and the Jews who are the destroyers of civilization. If you care about preserving White Western culture, you must work hard to prevent leftists and Jews from achieving political power. (In fact, wise White leaders would jail, or expel, leftists and Jews, but lucky for them there aren’t any wise White leaders).

[1] “In all, 1,570 French cities and towns were bombed by Anglo-American forces between June 1940 and May 1945” — Wikipedia

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  7. One Response to “Why Left-Wing Rule Will Always Fail”

    1. Wulf Says:

      I see Le pen has fallen on her sword in deference to Rothschild after leading her followers up the garden path. Suckered again. This is the ploy, tell the people the some truth, tell them she will restore National sovereignty, currency and borders – then yank the rug out from under them. Now its too late to put up a REAL candidate but its never too late for the Real French Citizens to wake up and stop listening to their bullshit.