31 May, 2017

Donald Trump Rejects Paris Climate-Change Treaty

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(Three powerful Jews talking, circa 1988)

Big Jew #1: “Here’s my idea: we’ll invent something called ‘global warming’ or maybe ‘climate change.’ We’ll tell people that the earth is getting really hot and that we must act quickly to stop it. Then, we’ll require all of the White countries to give truckloads of money to the Brown and Black countries every year, in order to fight the ‘climate change.'”

Big Jew #2: “That’s a great idea! A massive transfer of wealth! Lots of global regulations, too!”

Big Jew #3: “We can even ridicule the White people who won’t go along with our plan: we’ll call them, uhhh, ‘climate-change deniers.'”

Big Jew: #2: “You know, Ira, I should have seen your idea coming! ‘Climate-change deniers’! Ha, ha!”

Big Jew #3: “Heh-heh-heh.”


  • 4 Responses to “Donald Trump Rejects Paris Climate-Change Treaty”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Cheers ?! !!
      Applauded. ?! !
      Screw the Jews plan!!
      Screw the Jews plan! !


    2. The Red Skull Says:

      The intro paragraphing summarizes global warming perfectly! !
      Not sure if thats from here but its funny and true as hell!
      Never heard a better summary in simple form
      Great Stuff Guys!!
      Hiel Hitler on that one boys!

    3. wolf Says:

      The Climate Change propaganda like the Holocaust hoax is definitely Jewish. It’s part of the ongoing de-industrialisation of White Western Countries – basically gutting them. Here in Australia we pay 10 X more for gas than what it’s sold to the Chinese for ! Also ALL our good cheap coal power stations are being closed. We have to use gas to generate power and the power and gas prices are exploding ! This is all to crush us. Business simply can’t pay these power and gas prices and are closing. Meanwhile 2.6 Billion Chinese and Indians can burn all the coal they want. The fake unemployment and inflation figures are lies to make what they the (Jewish bankers) are doing to our country appear palatable. Because of the absurd trade deals and this deliberate plan all our money flows to China and comes back as Chinese buying up our cities and farms.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      What the heck is wrong with you guys? Industrialization is destroying our planet. We should not ignore the consequence of our action just because we don’t Jews.