8 May, 2017

France: Are the Voters Really That Stupid? Or Was It Vote Fraud?

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The globalist, anti-White, anti-France retard Emmanuel Macron won the May 7 election. Or did he? Will we ever know for sure whether or not the election was stolen from Le Pen? Either way, Macron will spell doom for France’s White culture: Brown immigration will greatly increase and the White population (you know, the people who built France) will be displaced and destroyed – that’s also known as “genocide,” which is against the Geneva Conventions prohibiting genocide, which the French government signed in 1950 [1].


[1] genocide means “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”

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  7. 7 Responses to “France: Are the Voters Really That Stupid? Or Was It Vote Fraud?”

    1. Bessie May Mucho Says:

      They are really that stupid!

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      Nous verrons! We will see!

      However . . . my God! Marrying the pedophile who sizzled his escargot!
      Does not sound like good judgment to me!

      But, I don’t know—he might be a cork in the dike, for a while.

      At any rate, the French need to be, and will be, schooled further, in the most horrific way. That is almost certain.

      As far as the French being stupid—I would not put it quite that way. They are uninformed. I spoke once to a Francaise about the cars that were burned in France on New Year’s Eve.

      “I have not heard of such a thing!” she said.

      I sent her links to news articles about it. She did not reply. But I honestly believe that she did not know about it. The French press tries to keep it hidden.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      Marcon walked out to the EU Anthem and not the French National Anthem.

      His wife looks like she was deep fried and then dipped in spray-tan a couple times.

    4. Jürgen Says:

      They so DESERVE their fate, these idiots.

      Any people who fought against Adolf Hitler, THE GREATEST MAN
      of the entire 20th Century, deserves to die in their brown filth.

      I will laugh as I read every news item of their destruction over
      the next 5 years. Fools.

    5. Luke Says:

      Let’s check the score card, jews vs racially healthy White politicians:

      1. USA: Trump wins. Although not any sort of White European Nationalist himself, exuberant White nationalists worldwide hoped Trump’s win would set fire to the White racial survival movements worldwide. Within less than 3 months, Trump has flip flopped and reversed himself on so many of his campaign promises and surrounded himself with a huge swarm of liberal jews and is in the process of morphing into Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton all rolled into one. Some WN’s are now suspecting that Jared Kushner & Trump’s evil, liberal daughter Ivanka are the acting Presidents.

      2. Austria: Hofer ‘loses’ a close race with Van Der Bellen, who was a jew stooge and who is committed to the jew’s White genocide agenda. It is worth remembering that this election was held twice; Hofer won the first one, but the jews demonstrated their incredible chutzpah and somehow claimed that there were some ‘inconsistencies’ that they claimed cast doubts on who really won, so they held the election again – waiting several months, so as to give them time to rig the outcome the second go around.

      3. The Netherlands: Wilders loses by a huge margin to Rutte, who is a kwanservative jew stooge who is committed to the jew White genocide agenda.

      4. Germany: Merkel’s party recently won a German state election, although whether that is a sign that Merkel will cling to power in 2017 is still unclear; Merkel, of course, is fully on board with the jews White genocide agenda. As of May 9th, 2017 – I read where Merkel’s party has apparently won yet another regional election and, believe it or not, the general consensus is that Merkel will not be kicked out of office.

      5. Great Britain: BREXIT was approved by the indigenous White British voters, jew toe licking Cameron stepped down as a consequence, but was replaced by Theresa May, who is an even bigger jew toe licker (if that is possible) than Cameron was – and she recently made some comments that even after BREXIT is initiated, she may not go along with it’s prohibitions on massive and unrestricted third world invasions of Great Britain. May is fully on board with the jews White genocide agenda. Some voices in the WN movement now say they believe that BREXIT has a very high probably of being thwarted. As of May 9th, 2017 – I read a story where May is now promising to drastically reduce immigration into Great Britain – but, only AFTER BREXIT has been completed, which could take several years. This smells like a stalling tactic designed to be used as an excuse to do nothing – while the jews and their race treasonous White puppets accelerate the racial displacement of the indigenous White British people while using various delaying maneuvers to push BREXIT down the road as far as possible. The farther BREXIT can be pushed down the road, the greater the likelihood of it being overturned.

      6. Now we have France and, just as in the case of Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK – there is a pro-White European Nationalist candidate who is scaring the crap out of the jews and who poses a threat to their White genocide agenda. That candidate is Marine Le Pen. As of May 7th, 2017 – Le Pen was bizarrely decimated by the globalist, jew toe licking stooge Macron by an incredible 66.1% to 33.9%.?

      Recall that Macron is a creation of Hollande and Hollande has a dismal approval rating near 4%. Yet, we are supposed to believe that the same French voters who despise and loath Hollande want to replace him with hand picked stooge?

      Score card thus far: Whites 0 jews 6. As shocking as this is to believe – in every single historic White European nation that has seen a explosion in European Nationalism and White racial awakening by its indigenous and native born citizens – and in the last 6 nations where elections have been held that pitted a pro-White European candidate against a jew controlled, white genocide supporting, globalist-open borders, race treasonous psychopath candidate – Team jew has scored a victory in every single case. Whites have been totally shut out – six straight times.

      What are the odds against this amazing string of jew victories being 100 percent legitimate?

      And, think about this: These enemy victories have happened despite the almost daily terrorist bombings, despite the savage and violent epidemics of rape and sexual assaults against the White indigenous women of these White nations, despite the endless riots and firebombing of cars, businesses and the destruction of private property, despite the ‘no go zones’ that are springing up in cities across Europe like mushrooms after a rain storm. Despite the daily assaults being waged by these millions of non-white invaders against the culture and traditions revered by the native born White Europeans in these nations.

      7. Conclusion: Minus a massive, ruthless, uncompromising response of a 1776 revolutionary nature and the targeted removal of every last white genocide supporting scumbag – the White race will be exterminated and physically rendered extinct on this planet at the hands of the spawns of satan. Whites are NOT going to vote their way off the jews genocide agenda.

      I don’t like sounding so pessimistic, but the facts speak for themselves. Elections are not the answer, folks.

      Either jews exterminate our entire race or we decide to grow a pair and reverse that agenda. Oh, and it is worth mentioning that Alex Linder has been the only voice in the entire White Nationalist movement who consistently and repeatedly told the truth about the only solution that will work.

    6. fd Says:

      France probably has the most virulent racists in Europe. The French were a big ally in helping the colonies defeat the British Crown. And they supplied more volunteers to the WAFFEN-SS (ARMED-SS) than any country in Europe. If war against central despotism breaks out in Europe, there is good chance it will begin in France.

      If war breaks out in this country, there is a good chance it will begin in Louisiana. The mobs and fanatics in New Orleans are waging war against Louisiana history this instant.

      The boys of Louisiana set-up a shadow government with its own paramilitary and broke the back of Reconstruction in 1873.

    7. Wolf Says:

      Yes it is hard to believe the French voted for a Rothschild banker. The press are even inferring he’s the next Nepolwon…Merkel, May and Wilders are all Jews. Trump has to be a Jew. All his kids have married Jews. They want to rule in the open as Jews now. All rather sickening and Christianity a complete Jewish disgusting plagerised racket and modus of control is a big part of the problem. Sobering times.