12 May, 2017

It Ain’t Your Daddy’s Marine Corps Anymore, or, Semper…Cry!

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Female Marine #1: “I just broke a nail!” (*sob*)
Female Marine #2: “My mascara is running!” (*sniff*)
Female Marine #3: “I didn’t know that we actually had to wear combat boots! They hurt my feet!” (*sob*)
Female Marine #4: “This rifle is way too heavy. Can I have a lighter one, without that pointy dangerous bayonet-thingy?”


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  7. One Response to “It Ain’t Your Daddy’s Marine Corps Anymore, or, Semper…Cry!”

    1. fd Says:

      Female cannon fodder good as any. The Generals in the Federal military are sissy politicians. They like to put on makeup/perfect hair and talk on CNN, FOX NEWS, etc. (soap opera). The Black Republicans unleashed an ultra modern Negro army in the 1860s for the exclusive purpose of killing White people. So let the White female race mixers bed-down with the Africans at the base camps.

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