17 May, 2017

Replacing Shakespeare with Malcolm X

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Even conservatives — even patriots — seem to believe that the principal reasons why the San Francisco program is bad are that it substitutes inferior writers for superior ones, and it focuses on minority culture rather than on the majority culture. But to think that way is to miss the most important point. That point is that our children must be given strong roots in our culture, and what the Blacks, mestizos, and Asians do with their children is their business, so long as they don’t do it on our turf.

I hardly need to mention that my view of this matter is a racist view. The point I am making is a racist point. My patriotic and conservative friends who have not grasped this point have been trained to look at the world as individuals rather than as White men and women. Individualism is the new conservative religion, and it is really as disastrously wrong-headed a religion, as lethal a religion, as the religion of White guilt which motivates the White supporters of the San Francisco program. The individualist is as concerned about what sort of education Black, mestizo, and Asian children receive as he is about the sort of education White children receive.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “Replacing Shakespeare with Malcolm X”

    1. Max Says:

      Meanwhile Jews are so proud of their own culture but all were are ever taught is guilt and be careful not to be racist. Quite disgusting. 2 ex Australian prime ministers are now heading to Israel for honorary doctorates from universities in Tel Aviv – for selling out our race obviously. I really believe Judeo Christianity. A completely made up religion plagiarised from the Egyptians was the Trojan Horse that is still turning us all into docile sheep. Meanwhile the Jews practice no such tolerance. Watch the Zeitgeist movie, its a good pace to start which blows the lid off the creepy fake jewish Jesus.

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      One could look at it another way.

      Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, and Middle Easterners share something in common: they are collectivists, and value group opinion over the individual. If your family or community doesn’t approve of you, you are done.

      Whites are the ones who unshackled themselves from that and did amazing things, because they believed in their own individual self having the ability, even if nobody approved. That is almost unheard of in these other cultures.

      Once they proved themselves, and especially against the whole community, they were heroes-but not until facing a lot of adversity–from their own people.

      But that was when we were amongst only our own people. Even then you have all the intra tribal warfare over ideologies and who will have the ‘upper hand’. Inter tribal warfare not as much of an issue, esp within your own homeland and your enemies far away.

      Now we are in a multi cult, and we are being trained to think that all people are the same, and that valuing any biological uniqueness–if you’re White–is wrong. Not wrong if you want to maintain your unique Choctaw language and customs–but Whiteness=racist.

      And that it’s good to harm even your fellow White if you see them doing this.

      Pierce has it right that we don’t think collectively–but that is actually a strength that has been turned into a weakness by manipulating the way people think. When Ford or Lindbergh were being brilliant, they were not anti-White–if anything they were willing to go forward with things because it would be in the long run worth it-to themselves and to other Whites later on.

      ISIS and other non-Whites benefit quite a bit from their group-think–fanatics always have this component. But they are also quite stupid. Stupid and violent, too, because violence is stupidity’s twin bro.

      But people backed into a corner fight back eventually-they just have to recognize the need for it. They already have the inner tools biologically–it’s just a matter of using them correctly.

      They do try and replace us, but people who even see glimpses of things that are better will dump the inferior things. Once you’ve had real Spaghetti you don’t eat Chef Boyardee. Nature overcomes attempts at programming sometimes–like a virus mutating so that meds can’t kill it.

    3. fd Says:

      Cousin Dozen Of A Dozen Cousins: The ol’ plantation county I grew up in was blood based. White teenagers referred to their friends as cuz or cousin. We were cut from the same bolt of cloth. Guardians of our culture.