25 May, 2017

The School Problem

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“I’ve brushed on two of the causes of the declining quality of America’s schools: multiculturalism and egalitarianism. There’s more to both of these causes. Multiculturalism is not just an educational theory which assigns equal value and relevance to every culture and thereby makes it impossible to teach any culture effectively; it also is a policy of mixing people of all cultures and races together for the sake of “diversity.” This is by far the single greatest cause of violence and disorder in our schools. While the politicians launch one program after another to keep guns and drugs and gangs out of the schools, they will not face the real problem of which guns and drugs and gangs are only symptoms, because it is a racial problem, and they are more terrified of being accused of racism than of any other threat to their careers.

When America’s schools were racially segregated, the White schools had no problem with drugs or gangs or schoolyard shootings. When Blacks, with their much lower capacity for self-discipline and self-control and their traditionally more disorderly and violent behavior, were integrated into our schools they brought the problems of their own community with them. Now even White kids are shooting each other in the schools, just as they are now using drugs and adopting other elements of Black behavior.”


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