14 May, 2017

Western Literature These Days

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(Above: the Black poet Maya Angelou)

The negro, Maya Angelou, and the Jew, Franz Kafka, are “Western” authors? Since when? The last time I checked, “Western” meant (basically) “all of the White, non-communist countries.” In other words, newbies, simply living in a White country doesn’t make you Western. Whiteness is either in your DNA or it isn’t.


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    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      When knee grows don’t know what they’re trying to say, they just call it a ‘poem’ so that you can’t tell them ‘it doesn’t make any sense’. I still remember Angelou’s ‘A tree, a leaf, yer momma, Amurica’ poem for Clinton’s inauguration. My mom said, “My god! Kennedy had Robert Frost, and what is this mess?!” Hahaha.

      Jews do this, too–slinging paint from across the room and rolling around in it on the canvas=art. If you don’t think so, you’re stuck up-or worse, ‘racist’.

      I remember a Mestizo art teacher in college telling us that Byzantine art and this little figurine of an African that was very badly made were ‘equal’ because the culture’s had ‘different value systems’ and therefore we are arrogant if we compare skill sets.

      How convenient for the Africans.

    2. Antagonistes Says:

      What they really want to do is to open the door to more obscenity, pedophile sex, and God knows what else.

      It all begins with words, the bending of words. Or art, the destabilizing of images.

      Very clever, those Jews and Jews-in-spirit.

      But the crystalline palace they always try to construct is always destroyed by reality.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      Lets ask Mammy Op raw!
      What do Mammy Say?
      All your culture will be despoiled and thrown down
      White Man.

      All that will be left is a Mammy Baboon and Unruly Undeserving
      Monkeys crawling on the pile of whats left of White Mans World.

      Surely We cannot let that happen!