2 June, 2017

America, Land of Thought-Control: the Government Will Tell You What to Think About Homosexuals and When to Think It

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There’s no real thing as a “same-sex couple” in the traditional romantic sense. Love and lust aren’t the same thing. Genuine male/female couples fall in love, marry and reproduce. Queers don’t. They’re only posing as a romantic couple. Queers don’t remain with other queers for very long, i.e., the average queer “relationship” lasts only a year or two. Queers are like negroes: they spend their lives bouncing from person to person, fucking as many people as possible and having as many orgasms as possible. It’s a hedonistic, empty, me-first lifestyle for abnormal people.


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  7. 3 Responses to “America, Land of Thought-Control: the Government Will Tell You What to Think About Homosexuals and When to Think It”

    1. fd Says:

      Orwell’s book has come full circle: Thought crime. Thought police. Newspeak is good ; Oldspeak is bad. Oldthink is wicked. Ignorance is Strength. Two and Two Make Five.

    2. wolf Says:

      Don’t forget they are telling 4 year olds now they can choose their sexuality – or “you might be gay”. How on earth can parents let this happen ! It truly boggles the mind.

    3. Luke Says:

      I’ve never one of these salivating, blind worshipers of Adolf Hitler, but at this stage of the game, I think the only way that the White race will ever be able to get the steel boot of the jews off their necks is for a White leader to emerge who will be 1,000 times more ruthless than Hitler was ever accused of being.

      It all boils down to what Alex Linder has been advising ever since VNN first came online.