24 June, 2017

Chairman Mao in America: White Schoolchildren in North Carolina Forced to Apologize for/Confess Their White Privilege

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I keep telling people that communism isn’t dead and that it’s right here in the USA, but few of them believe me. This confession/apology stuff is very similar to what was found in communist China: under Chairman Mao’s leadership, Chinese citizens were forced to publicly admit/confess to and apologize for various political “crimes” [1][2].


[1] About the so-called “struggle sessions” in communist China: “In general, the victim of a struggle session was forced to admit to various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse the victim until he or she confessed…Lately, the term “struggle session” has come to be applied to any scene where victims are publicly badgered to confess imaginary crimes under the pretext of self-criticism and rehabilitation.” — Wikipedia

[2] China’s communism is, or was, Marxist/Leninist, although it was different from Soviet communism since it was peasant/farmer/agriculture based

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Where is THE HITLER YOUTH


    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      Called ‘struggle sessions’ in China, and called ‘group discussions’ in Cathy Lick school.

      Everyone’s horror was to be the subject of one of these ‘discussions’. Several kids were the subject of it on several occasions. I was only once, shwew.

      In these ‘discussions’, something the ‘target’ of the discussion did would be called into question, and then the class would be asked to volunteer info substantiating this character trait. For example, if someone is a bully or thief, anything where that person was a bully or thief was ‘discussed’, going back to Kindergarten even.

      Mine was funny–though not at the time. This boy named Andy knocked all the stuff I’d been arranging on a bookshelf into the floor. We were 10. This is what boys do when they like you, they wreck your stuff. Then he pushed me out of my chair. I responded with, ‘hey, pick that up!’ He did. I thought it would be funny to sneak up behind him and whack him with my plastic recorder flute. Being unamused, he whirled around and punched me in the face. Violent cuz Irish, haha. This kind of stuff was quite meaningless at this age, and we both went back to what we were doing-we picked up the stuff, both said ‘sorry’ and we went outside for recess. Neither one of us cared about this stupid kid crud. In first and second grade I was completely naïive and got hurt a lot as a result, but by 10 I had learned to deal with the ‘confrontations’ that come and go all the time. By the end of second grade I understood the dynamics of skool- toughen up or they’ll eat you.

      Well-seeing that my eye was red and bruised-ish, the teacher asked me why and I told her I fell. She didn’t believe me-‘How’d you fall on your eye?’ I told her the corner of the desk hit me in the eye. Not good enough.

      So we ‘discussed’ this pointless ‘situation’. I never would tell, which made my session go on longer. We were both well-liked and she was having trouble getting the other kids to attack us. We ‘discussed’ how I played piano concertos on the head of the kid in front of me the grade before (4th) with a pair of pencils–this was about the worst thing they could come up with. He was a black boy named Sederick, and he delighted in telling her this. But as for me and Andrew, neither one of us would take the bait and give her (teacher) what she wanted, and this was not a good year as a result. Anyone who doesn’t get with the ‘program’ is made an example of.

      She would arbitrarily re-arrange the classroom, and deliberately sandwiched me between a couple of Mexican bastards, knowing this would be problematic. I would have to check for where the little shithead put the cactus, because sometimes it was in my chair. The crazy bitch teacher had littered the classroom with her cacti. Appropriate plant, actually–ugly room, ugly doctrine, ugly bloody Jesus on the cross, ugly errthang. In private, everyone talked about how crazy she was, but only a few didn’t step and fetch.

      Part of these ‘confessionals’ include being willing to turn on others to save yourself. And gossip/spying. It’s all out of the same playbook–religion and Communism. All cults use undue influence, and reward/punishment.

      Not to mention we were all wearing the same outfit. We were all ‘equal’. Equally horribly dressed.

    3. Tina Carter Says:

      Sorry to point out we do have racism in school. However, fingers are pointed are direct toward southern red states.

      Like it or not as long as there are races there will always be racism. However, the right question we ought to be point out. Why not go after White Liberals & Jews who are hiding their children in big expensive school where no black man would dare to enter — other than to have sex with white girls. Cities like NYC

      However, when table are turning againt “white liberal on North”. they don’t like it very much.


      For months, New York City had promised to deliver what Mayor Bill de Blasio called a “bigger vision” for integrating the city’s racially divided public schools. Activists pressed their ideas. Students rallied on the steps of City Hall to demand a voice.

      But when the plan landed on Tuesday, it was with a whimper. The mayor did not appear in public to talk about it. Neither did the schools chancellor. Instead, the city’s Education Department emailed out a news release, which did not even use the word “segregation.”


      I don’t where you got your info sis about “chinese educational system”. However, I did my road scholar in China & Russia. I was also an English teacher down there.

      They have eight hours school system. Barring politics, their educational system is amazing — almost on per with our European system — I am French now in NYC.

      Easy to check all of this is by their accomplishment. Chinese have their own GPS system, got their own space station, even sent robots to moon.

      Their economy and r&d is comparable to west.

      Best we as white nationalist should not care what other side is doing. Our attention should be directed as late Dr. William Pierce said is with Jews who control media and entertainment industry. Also the traitors who are helping them destroy our dying civilization.

    4. fd Says:

      The United States hates the Southern nation; it hates White people; it hates the Dixie battle flag.

    5. fd Says:

      Chinese Junk

      Offshore oilfield workers in the Gulf flew out of Houston (the Oil Capital of the World) to build the oilfields in the South China Sea, Java Sea and Makassar Strait.

      First. It didn’t take us long to realize the Chinese couldn’t build an offshore oilfield for all the tea in China.

      Second. Their technology/knowledge was way lacking. The shipyards struggled to build motor vessels (boats) designed for oilfield use. We had to walk them through it.

      Third. Chinese vendors sold us junk produced at their manufacturing facilities.

      The Jew media mongrel promotes Asians with a false greatness. Their IQ scores do not match their civilizations.

    6. Emily Henderson Says:

      @Tina Carter:

      Hi Tina. I think you misunderstood my comments.

      For all the good in a repetitive, rudimentary education (the Catholic system is very similar in that respect, we were under the Notre Dame curriculum and our school was linked with the well-known ‘Hockaday’ boarding school in Dallas)–I’m not talking about intelligence or learning. I’m talking about mind control.

      The BITE model for mind control, written about by Brittish Jew Robert Lifton, is taken straight from China. Behavior control, Information control, Thought control, Emotional control. These are the four major ways you control someone’s life and behavior.

      Same techniques, just with different names–and that includes this ‘racial confessional’ stuff going on in public education in the U.S.

      Nobody is doubting Asian intelligence-several folks with the highest IQs in the world are Asian-one of the highest is Korean I believe. But as fd said: that does not make for ingenuity or greatness necessarily.

      Even if it did, the way I’d feel about it is the same as a family you admire down the street–good on them and hope their good fortune continues, but I’m more interested in my own family. One thing I like about many Asians is an ability to co-mingle with Whites while still holding their own loyalties to their own families. They don’t try and wreck the society that they are visiting or living in, nor do they demand free stuff (in general-there are exceptions).

    7. wulf Says:

      I can remember having to read the Stupid Diary of Anne Frank (which was written in BallPoint Pen after the war by Otto Frank) Also be told about the Holocaust which was another huge lie. Hitler sent them to work camps outside of the big cities thereby actually saving their miserable asses when America and Britton firebombed German cities. God know what filth they are peddling now besides the Gay Agenda, climate change and white privilege. Meanwhile Jewish kids are schooled in being so stinking proud of their race and sticking together.

    8. wulf Says:

      I’m not convinced about Asian Intelligence. They obviously have Zero Imagination as we have invented Everything. They merely copy us with their communist slave labour. And they fell for the Jewish fomented communism as well. A Chinese drill is still made of mild steel and you can see their Great Wall trucks billowing smoke on the highway. Just like Jewish IQ, the truth is it’s a lot lower than they boast. What the Chinese have in common with Jews is they are primarily interested in “business”, making money solely. Where as White Anglos set out to make something beautiful or better. We need to look up from our workbench or lathe and take a good look at what the hell is going on.