7 June, 2017

Lies, Murder, and Jews

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“You remember, we discussed this phenomenon of schoolyard killings more than a year ago. I predicted that we would see many more of them, because the social pathology that causes them is becoming worse. In a word, that pathology is alienation. Multiculturalism results in alienation. Always. You destroy a kid’s sense of rootedness, his sense of belonging to a natural community; you rob him of his sense of identity, his sense of kinship with the people around him, and you’ll have a frustrated kid. That’s true even of Jewish kids, such as Dylan Klebold. You take away a kid’s sense of responsibility to his biological community, and you’re likely to have trouble. You’re likely to have anti-social behavior. If on top of that you destroy his respect for authority, you’re practically guaranteed trouble.”


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