22 June, 2017

New Cable TV Series

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It’s yet another feminist TV show. It’s called “The Bold Type.” It’s about young career-chicks in the big city – like you’ve never seen that setup before. The first episode is titled, “We Smash the Patriarchy.” Really? You smash the evil, oppressive, White male patriarchy, girlies? I doubt that you smash it, because it’s 90% smashed already, thanks to Affirmative Action [1] and the Jewish-led feminist movement. It’s sort of funny: your average woman doesn’t even know how to use a screwdriver, yet she struts around like she helped build the world. No, you didn’t help build it, Susie Q. Now stay at home, and bake something.

More [Here] and [Here].

[1] Affirmative Action, an anti-White-male law, came from Title VII of Jewish congressman Emanuel Celler’s ‘Civil Rights Act of 1964.’ That Act came from Celler’s House bill H.R. 7152, introduced June 20, 1963

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    1. wulf Says:

      It is sickening to see. Our young kids go into debt to go to university and they get hijacked by this jewish filth. Now they are telling 4 year olds – mostly boys they can choose their sex ! Where does it end ! It ends in mass murder like in Communist Russia and China – all fomented by Jews.