10 June, 2017

The Impeach-Trump Movement: No Good Grounds for Impeachment Yet, But…

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…the movement will keep trying anyway. The impeach-Trump/anti-Trump movement is driven largely by Jews (surprise!), or, in these two cases, a Jew (Sherman) and a half-Jew (Steyer):

[Article] and [Article].

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  7. 2 Responses to “The Impeach-Trump Movement: No Good Grounds for Impeachment Yet, But…”

    1. orangesec Says:

      Have you heard of gematria? put some phrases in. http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php

    2. fd Says:

      Impeach the Federal government. Away with consolidated despotism. Statehood exist in name only. The purse and the sword is on the Potomac