6 June, 2017

The International Noose Tightens: Montenegro Joins NATO

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Isn’t it funny how NATO is unconcerned about China but is totally obsessed with Russia? Anyway, soon, Russia will be completely surrounded by NATO countries, making a third world war much more likely to occur. This is all happening because the Jews are paranoid about Russia (for one thing, too many “anti-Semites” live there who remember the Bolshevik terror; that isn’t true of China) and further, they want to remake Russia into an “America East” multicultural democracy/media-ocracy which they can easily control like they do America; they can’t really remake China like that, too many nationalistic chinks there. But first the Jews must bring Russia to its knees and remove Putin from power, hence the steady NATO expansion in Eastern Europe; America is the biggest, strongest player in NATO, and the Jews control America, so the ongoing NATO expansion can be seen as a big Jewish power grab.


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