21 June, 2017

The Limits of Toleration

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Another caller, a woman, inadvertently brought this out. She expressed the opinion that the best way to avoid conflict and violence in our society is for everyone to be less judgmental. This is a code phrase for the moral relativists. The essence of moral relativism is that everybody’s ideas, everybody’s life-style, everybody’s sexual orientation, is just as good as everyone else’s. There are no absolute standards, no fixed values. Therefore, we should not judge other people whose standards or values at the moment are different from ours. We should not judge Bill Clinton. We should not judge homosexuals. And so on. And this relativistic way of looking at the world applies not only to behavior: it also applies to art, to music, to literature, and to everything else.

This do-your-own-thing ethic has been pushed hard by the controlled media since the 1960s, and it has had a profoundly destructive effect on our society. It’s a soft, fuzzy, feminine sort of ethic which is easy to push to absurdity, but logic isn’t a strong point for the moral relativists, and they don’t let that discourage them.”


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