29 July, 2017

Anthropology? No, Marxopology

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“All humans are Africans, and we’re all equal, except for White men, who are evil, racist Nazis who oppressed the Brown and Black people. Christopher Columbus was a pre-Nazi!” says modern Marxopology [1].

The field of anthropology has been so Jewed that it can no longer be called a “scientific” field. It’s now a propaganda field.


[1] the “out of Africa” theory of mankind’s origin has been challenged and possibly discredited, however, the real truth may never be known, and it may not even matter, since the “out of Africa” theory, even if true, refers to roughly two million years of ancient history (i.e., roughly since the birth of Homo habilis, the very early Homo sapiens) – in other words, there’s a giant, incredible distance between “then” and “now”

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  7. 41 Responses to “Anthropology? No, Marxopology”

    1. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      This is PRECISELY the type of evolutionary nonsense that Angela Merkel has bought into.

      She thinks ALL humans are the same so . . . all of you come to Germany and Europe!

      The next Brahms or Beethoven will be a Germanized Somalian!


      We were much better off with the TRUTH OF THE SCRIPTURES.

      God made the races, like flowers in His garden, with DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTES!


    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      For those interested in actual truth seeking, the first five mass extinctions on earth mean that there were no people at all.

      No flowers whatsoever.

      The atmosphere of this planet would not have supported people nor flowers.

      We are earth’s living beings no. 6.

      For something to be even a ‘theory’, it has to pass through many a fiery hoop…unlike fairy tales cut and pasted together and approved at the Council of Nicea by Constantine (New Testament).

      Evolution has done such. But ‘Lucy’, like all fossils, is just one we’ve found. The right circumstances have to be present to make fossilization possible.

      We’ve now found others that change what we know. Evidence and reality–this is how one knows what is what, not the word of random lulus who had a fever dream and want us to accept said fever dream as fact, lol. For more on that read Julian Jaynes.

      Re European origins/ a wider ‘gap’ between ‘humans’: Interesting info re Oldest ‘early human’ dna that was found in Spain, and how it changed the ‘picture’ painted by the ‘out of Africa’ theory:


    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      Also to note re the article: I wasn’t aware of the Greek or Bulgarian discoveries, a newer story than the one re Spain. I had heard of the one in Germany. Very interesting.

      And it shows you why they killed off Eugenics, a right hand man to Evolution, as well as the hijacking of anthropology (can’t get rid of it altogether as you can Eugenics)–they fear what we will find, and decide about the future based on the reality of the past.

    4. fd Says:

      This race website is perverted by Christian preachers. It’s the return of the Christian Dark Ages. Creepy.

      Aethelfurth, King of Northumbria, noted in his wars against the Christians of England, “those who invoke their God against me make war upon me even if they bear no arms.”

    5. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      The word of God is indeed as sharp as a two-edged sword, but you must remember that this saying is a simile.

      This Aethelfurth sounds like a very cantankerous fellow.

    6. Joe Lowsac Says:

      [1] the “out of Africa” theory of mankind’s origin
      On “out of Africa”. Africa and Europe are separated by less than 10 miles at the Straights of Gibraltar. It is nonsense to define such precise movements of a hominid, tens of thousands of years ago on a continent larger than the USA, China, India, Japan and all of Europe…COMBINED! (https://s20.postimg.org/44h0ocxnx/True_Size_of_Africa-chart.jpg)
      The reflex of revolution is understandable but it is important to bear in mind that the Africa postulated in the “out of Africa” theory is not the Africa of today, over run by the hopeless Negroid. The anatomically modern species H. sapiens did not yet exist nor did the artificial borders of modern nations.

    7. Emily Henderson Says:

      @fd: We could use s’more Aethelfurth’s. Looks like his fam ruled North England for a long time after him as well.

      Speaking of cantankerous fellows: the Xtians who threaten with ‘smashings’ and ‘swords’ (yeah, yeah, it’s a similie, lol) are funny, they remind me of one of my favorite quotes wrongly attributed to Jebus.

      “You strain a gnat and swallow a camel.”

      Always loved that-just not the robbed from another writer aspect.

    8. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Our Lord was not a plaigiartist, Emily.

      Please defend your assertion!

    9. Jürgen Says:

      RACIOLOGY (google it)
      must replace

    10. Jürgen Says:

      I’M LOVIN’ IT:

      Scientists have discovered human fossils
      in EUROPE that are far older than any human
      fossils ever found in Africa. There were found
      on the border of Bulgaria and Greece. Marxists
      are going to have an aneurysm once this word
      gets out.

    11. Jürgen Says:

      I’M LOVIN’ IT:

      Scientists have discovered human fossils
      in EUROPE that are far older than any human
      fossils ever found in Africa. There were found
      on the border of Bulgaria and Greece.

    12. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      TWO assertions made without any sort of references AT ALL.

      Emily says that OUR LORD was a plagiartist, and Jurgen says that some monkey bones have been found in Greece.


    13. Emily Henderson Says:

      Dear lord Spaghetti Monster, please help these tards!

      You can put it in ALL CAPS ALL U WANT, doesn’t make it REAL or TRUE.

      See, watch:



      See….all caps don’t make it so.

      There is no LORD. Unless you want to worship the Singularity that is always expanding that we all live inside of. M Theory, bitches. Look into it. Hawking. Read.

      Jilly and Jimmy: You have been given reference after reference after reference in these threads from scholars whose works are filled with such proof. Robert M. Price, Richard Carrier, Dorothy Murdock…you have to do the reading yourself, just as you have to feed and wipe yourselves.

      You are owed nothing by others that you won’t do for yourselves–nigger mentality is ‘gibs me dat’. You’ve been given more than owed, go ye forth and learn on your own time.

      Also: Go look and see who said ‘Do unto others’ first. Not Jebus. LOL.

      560 BC. Asians. “Hurt not others with that which pains yourself.”

      He (Jesus) could plagiarize nothing because he never lived. As was agreed upon in all early Xtian documents, and by the 12 ‘Apostles’ who wrote of him figuratively in all early documents. Look into that, too.

      **Note to world: they won’t. Too skeered, as reality is hard, and daydreamin’ is easy.

      YOU PROVE UP YOUR CLAIMS, and refute the evidence provided, or you’ve already long lost the debate.

      **Note-similies, threats of smushing people, and CAPS are not proof of anything but your childish lack of knowledge–it’s why you have to go to your imaginary friend as a child. Not humility–because those who threaten to ‘smash’ others are not humble (oh, ‘scuze me, gawd is the smasher, but still…)

      Prove up or shut up.

    14. fd Says:

      preacher man……..god bless you all, but most of all send your money. the kike in the sky needs shekels.

    15. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Show us where Jesus plagiarized the camel saying.

      We ask, once again.

    16. Emily Henderson Says:

      Matthew is plagiarized from Mark, and was written as an ‘eyewitness account’ of Jeboo, when it actually dates back to the last quarter of the 1st Century.

      The author of ‘Matthew’ was actually living in a Greek speaking Semitic community in Syria, according to all scholars, and never saw Jebus. It’s written in a Semiticized form of Greek. By a Jew.

      ‘According to Matthew’ was added in 2nd Century AD.

      It is a common Jewish proverb, and you are too lazy to know that, all over Talmud, as is similar.
      “He that kills a flea on the Sabbath is as guilty as if he killed a camel” (Jerusalem Talmud, Shab. 107). ”

      Once again, Jebus can’t plagiarize, he didn’t exist, and the whole book of Matthew is part of the Messiah cultists lil’ cult they formed having never known ‘Jesus’ at all.

      The whole book of Luke was a forgery. Wanna look it up? You’ve been given references. ‘Google’ seems to be beyond you to utilize even, as you can look up these scholars and get at their work in mere seconds on the interwebs.

      Now, ^^that’s enough for you. YOUR TURN: Using the scientific method of Bayes Theorem, why do you two conclude that Christ actually existed? Here’s your opportunity to prove everyone wrong. Go for it.

    17. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      “He that kills a flea on the Sabbath is as guilty as if he killed a camel.”

      “You strain out the gnat and swallow the camel.”

      They both talk about gnats and camels, but one is talking about killing, the other is talking about interpreting the Law of God.

      That is not plagiarizing. The flea-camel contrast was probably quite common the middle-east, much like “six of one, half dozen of the other” is to us.

      Even the most liberal theologians, save for a few outliers, are sure that the historical Jesus did indeed exist.

      That myth position is no longer open to responsible scholars.

    18. Emily Henderson Says:

      Myth theory not debunked, and peer reviewed.

      Whole book of Matthew a borrowed account from Mark, and no man named ‘Matthew’, and it was a common Jewish proverb, as were many others.

      William Lane Craig and Ehrman are not on the level of true scholars who speak ancient languages and study papyrology. Not even close.

      Not qualified to debate-and certainly neither are you.

      You won’t touch your duty with a ten foot pole on proving Jesus lived, LOL. Use the evidence and try to do it.

      You don’t have the courage, and you don’t have the evidence.

    19. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      I did not mention William Lane Craig.

      Ehrman is not a true scholar? This is totally absurd.

      Your Jesus-myth theory was debunked more than 100 yrs. ago.

      There is simply no more responsible debate about it.

      These people are regarded like flat-earthers by responsible scholars.

      I am sorry, but your race-mixing Acharya S. was not a scholar.

    20. Emily Henderson Says:

      Of course you didn’t bring up Lane Craig–he is one of the biggest Xtian apologists on the scene.

      His attempt to debate scholars is like watching a baby or kitten chase one of those dots of light projected on the wall by a keychain.

      Carrier and others have debated him and won so obviously it was unreal. Dawkins won’t bother with him, lol.

      Hawking won’t bother with any of ’em. That would be like a man having a heated debate with a fireant.

      Ehrman’s ‘Moody Bible Institute’ Degree, bwahahaha. No, he’s nowhere near the level of Carrier, Murdock, or Price.

      Acharya S. (Dorothy Murdock) had a degree in Classical Greek Civilization from one of the top 100 best private Universities in this country, and also studied in Athens. You are not fit to speak her name with regard to her work.

      And don’t talk about race-mixing while you worship a Jew. Semitic peoples also tend to have a bit of the ‘knee grow’ in them, per DNA studies.

      Your biggest lie is the myth theory was ‘debunked’. Nope. On the Historicity of Christ by Carrier is the latest work, and while tards debate and tantrum, it was peer reviewed and not debunked.

      You are like fly paper-even though you make a fool of yourselves over n’ over, you keep sticking ’round.

      Try not to tell anymore lies, it’s on the list. ;)

    21. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      iEhrman was educated at Princeton Divinity School.

    22. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:


    23. Emily Henderson Says:

      TY. Be sure to put it in ALL CAPS. ;)

    24. Emily Henderson Says:

      BTW, re Ehrman: He did the bulk of his bullshit at Moody Bible Institute (LOL) where he got his ‘three year diploma’ in babble, lol.

      Then he went to Wheaton and got a bachelor’s in something unrelated.

      Then he went to Princeton’s ‘Theological Seminary’ and got a PhD in basically scripture memorizin’.

      If one cannot understand why this type of ‘scholarship’ is not on par with the study of ancient languages, ancient history, the ability to speak several ancient languages fluently-both read and write them fluently-and the decades of study that takes…..perhaps they should tack their own name on that prayer list.

    25. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Why are you so fixated on Bart Ehrman?

      ANY respected and credentialed theologian or historian will tell you the SAME THING: Jesus of Nazareth WAS an historical person!

      Why are you dredging up an issue that was settled 100 years ago?

    26. Emily Henderson Says:

      JM Robertson wasn’t even debunked, and his work dates back to 1946.

      On the Historicity is peer reviewed, 2014.

      That’s 3 years ago, not 100.

      Why are you fixated on lying? You should tell us why Mike Lawrence ‘The Jesus of the Gospels Did Not Exist’ author is wrong, and why Carrier is wrong, very specifically.

      Not lie, and break a Commandment, and say they were debunked. They’ve not been.

      You’re very dumb, and in writing it is clear when you lie.

      Mike Lawrence
      Richard Carrier
      Richard M. Price
      George Albert Wells
      Paul Lewis Couchoud
      Thomas L. Brodie
      Thomas Thompson (a believer it can’t be proven one way or other)
      John Allegro
      Tom Harpur
      Michael Onfray

      Just to name a few proponents of mythicism who have not been disproven, just argued with by inferior crybabies.

    27. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      These are not scholars. And for some of them, you are reaching WAY back. Half of them we have never heard of. Rather sad.

      One of them, Allegro, said that Jesus did indeed exist and that he was a mushroom. Most of the others are homosexuals. Homosexuals have a vested interest in wanting Jesus to have NOT existed.

    28. Antagonistes Says:

      Alright, this was funny at first, but now it is boring.

      Emily is just as insulting and vicious as old what’s- his- name that used to be on here, what was it, oh yeah, Tim McGreen. Such viciousness! Vicious!

      And Mustang and Jesus are in a bizarro world. Apparently they make their money by letting fellow believers get naked on their property. Gross! Disgusting.

      Viciousness meets dumbth.

    29. Emily Henderson Says:

      Awww, I think they can handle it.

      Fundies are vicious, murderous trash. Sometimes fire meets fire, as it should.

      I’m real worried what you think of me, anonymous dude or chick.

      I agree on one front: boring. One should charge a fee-or be given non-profit charitable status-for providing edjumacational resources to unappreciative dummies.

      Peace, luv, kitties n’rainbows! :)

    30. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Yes, Emily is vicious. But what is your sin, Mr. Antagonistes?

      We ALL have come short of the Glory of God, by our sins!

      Emily’s viciousness can be turned into a vigorous championing of the Gospel, by the Spirit of the Living God.

      Your naked-woman-painting airbrush can be turned into a praise-instrument for the King of Kings, by painting peaceful, Spirit-filled bucolic scenes, as did Thomas Kinkade with his normal paintbrush. Put aside you lasciviousness and lust, Mr. Antagonistes.

      Crown Him the King of Kings, the Lamb upon the Throne!

    31. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:

      Once, there were majestic eagles, that flew over the mountains, and fed on trout and prairie rabbit.

      In the desolate lowlands, there was a tribe of crows that raised a low-grade corn, and had put all their efforts into it.

      “We must sell our corn to the eagles!” they said.

      “We must make the eagles feel guilty for not eating our corn!” they said.

      “We will say that they Crow-father sacrificed his Only Son to give us this corn, and that it is blasphemous to not eat it!”

      So they sold their corn to the eagles. The eagles bought into their sales-pitch, and were glad not to have to put forth an effort to make it on their own. All they had to do was to sign over all they had to the crows, and they were “set for life!”

      But the eagles became fat, irritable, and a lot less than majestic. They lost their glory, and were not even interested in flying anymore.

      One eagle said to himself, “I have wings—they must be good for something.”
      And so he tested his wings, and found that he could fly! He told his brothers about this, and they accused him of blasphemy, or of trying to upset the god-given way of things.

      But yet that eagle flew, and he flew high.

      He observed his brothers building a cathedral-like monument to the crows, who had shown them the way to an abundant and care-free life, or so they thought.

      “Why build a cathedral out of concrete?” he thought. “I have the majestic mountain cathedrals right here, with no effort on my part

    32. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:


      “Why build a cathedral out of concrete?” he thought. “I have the majestic mountain cathedrals right here, with no effort on my part! And why praise the Crows and their Son-0f-the-Crow God? I would rather praise the wind that keeps me aloft, the full moon that lights my way in the chill October night, and the dawn breaking across the rim of the world!”

      He was called an heretic, a blasphemer, an unbeliever.

      Many eagles were blighted and enslaved by the inferior corn of the crows, but yet many were not. These eagles, who flew into the majestic and rarefied heights, were ignored by the corn-fed eagles, even thought they flew right in front of them, in plain view.

    33. fd Says:

      The day before the fight, Goliath said to David — bring a sack lunch, because after I whip your ass, I’m going to be hungry.

      Wolves and sheep don’t get along.

      Adolf is a contraction of Edelwolf, the noble wolf.

    34. Thom McQueen Says:

      Holy One! HOLY ONE!

      I cried, yes , i cried, when I read what you wrote! Me, a rough-ass Australian!

      You put both those impostors in their places! Emily Kanga-vicious-ass and Jill gone-to-bejesus-and-back! Two vicious bitch-ass cunts!

      We are eagles!

      Namaste, Paramahansa!

      No more to say! Bonza!

    35. Emily Henderson Says:

      Hey Thomas, aren’t you the ass painting dude? That’s the only time you see lady butt, at that little shindig in Flori-duh. They probably run screaming as you chase them down with your paint can.

      There’s only a few ‘bitch ass cunts’ on here, and you’re one. I don’t pet rattlesnakes.

      @FD: awesome post. Edelwolf, love it. :)

    36. Thom McQueen Says:

      I will paint both you bare arses, both you and Jill.
      Anywhere from $150 to $400.
      Your huge arse will take so much paint,I will have to up the price.

    37. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      Mr. Dass, God chose the Jews to be the people who would bring forth the Messiah unto the world. Throughout the ages, He prepared them, sent his prophets and judges, and guided them.

      For you to compare them to a bunch of greedy and devious crows JUST MIGHT be a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, of which THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS, ACCORDING TO THE WORDS OF OUR LORD.

      Because you seem to be saying that the Jesus-event was a part of a greedy and underhanded deception.

      We cannot participate in this website. We will not be back unless God tells us of another poor soul, like Emily, in dire need of salvation.

      We are praying for you all.

    38. Emily Henderson Says:

      Lololol: move over Atheist scholars and WNists who call out Jews, here comes Thom the butt freak (works one day a year painting butts) and Jill n’ Jim Jew lover to tell you how it’s done. Hahaha.

      ‘Cunt’ and ‘fat’ are all ya got, Thom? But the world awaits your thoughts on M theory.

      Maybe Hawking can make a gay porno mag with ‘A Brief History of Time’ painted on butts and you can finally feel inspired to read, and give a review.


      And Auf Wiedersehen.

    39. Thom McQueen Says:

      Homos like female posteriors?
      First time I hear that one, genius.
      But come on down to Fantasy Fest , huge arse, and I’ll paint Hawking anywhere on your carcass, But like I said there will be a surcharge because the “canvas” is so freakin’ HUGE.

      Maybe with my airbrushing on your bare flesh you can attract a nice Abo .

    40. Emily Henderson Says:

      You have no impulse control. Perhaps u is a wummin.
      Auf Wiedersehen means goodbye.

    41. Thom McQueen Says:

      .ain’t got any impulse control either, drongo. That is why you will be at Fantasy Fest. Cause you know I am FIGJAM

      My airbrush waits for you to just step out of your grungies.

      You will be born again, with a Thom McQueen original on your backside, or wherever you want it.