7 July, 2017

Donald Trump Wants to Save the West, and the Jews and Liberals Are Horrified

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Oh, how could anyone want to save the evil, oppressive, racist, sexist, White-guy West?? Oh, my God! Oh, the horror! Just saying aloud that the West needs saving should be a crime – a felony! Don’t you know that Western culture is responsible for all of the bad things in the world?? (Note that the author of the article, Peter Beinart, is Jewish).


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  7. 6 Responses to “Donald Trump Wants to Save the West, and the Jews and Liberals Are Horrified”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      Yeah, I saw this highlighted on the news and thought, ‘uh-oh’. He was talking about what all we have given the world.

      They know that Western Culture is Whitey McWhite, so basically you’re highlighting the failure of the rest of the world and the superiority of Whites. Oops. They don’t like that. Cuz if race is a social construct, how come some were constructed better than others?

      Like 10 ‘Hail Mary’s’ for sins, he’ll need to give about a dozen speeches apologizing for slavery, e-waste, and not respecting indigenous religions or something, to break even with his horribleness for mentioning Western (White) greatness.

    2. Luke Says:

      I am far too modest to ever try to claim sole credit for this tactic that Trump unleashed in his speech in Poland, and I also won’t try to pretend that I was the only one to think of it – or, even the first one to conjure it up – but, I used to post comments on AmRen’s website as far back as a decade ago whereby I loudly and repeatedly expressed the notion that – to win this battle for the survival of White European people and our Western nations – the best way to do this would be to grab the bull by the horns and shine the spotlight directly on the Cultural Marxist left (and RINO cucks on the fake right) and level accusations at them directly – by aggressively accusing them of conspiring to engineer the racial, cultural, and civilizational genocide and destruction of White Europeans and Western Civilization.

      In other words, back them into a corner and maneuver them into having to defend the indefensible; i.e., Genocide of White Europeans and the destruction of Western Civilization. Trump’s speech in Poland – and the way it has cleverly triggered the jewish and self-hating White liberal left and the cucked RINOs into doing exactly what I have been predicting needed to be done – just might be the most brilliant masterstroke for TeamWhite since the end of WW2.

      Trump baited the hook, tossed his line into the faces of the Cultural Marxist enemy, and they opened wide and swallowed the bait.

      Let’s hope that this was not accidental and that Trump did this on purpose, as part of a strategic and long term plan. Now that he has put the enemy into the position of defending the indefensible – let’s hope he keeps the pressure on and doesn’t let these evil bastards wiggle off the hook and crawl out of the box he has put them in.

      Talk is cheap, but what counts is action.

    3. fd Says:

      Chief Magistrate Trump and his republican party want to woo racists to support the party. If racists have one foot in the establishment, it will be strict proof they have internalized the enemy. Jews are quietly managing various pro White groups by using Trump as the Front Man. Two-Timers sell out to the intriguers. The nonconformist desires nothing from the anti-White criminal establishment.

    4. The Red Skull Says:

      Awesome speech!
      Especially if it triggered the Jews
      Liberals and other Assorted Whiners
      Into needing another diaper change.
      As they shit the one they got on AGAIN!

      This latest Liberal Commie Implosion brought
      To you by

      The Irrepressible Orange Man. !!

      Bursting Through the Globalist Jew Wall
      Just like the old Kool Aid Pitcher commercial! !

    5. Truth-hammer Says:

      Leave the jews. Save the West. Leave the gun. Take the canolies.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      Leave the gun. Take the pierogi. Great speach by President Trump! The Poles are staying strong to keep their ethnic heritage.