12 July, 2017

Fighting Together for the Future

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of political life in Germany today is the consequence of Occupation legislation prohibiting any Politically Incorrect speech: at least, any Politically Incorrect speech touching on such ultra-taboo topics as race, the Second World War, and — most of all — the Jews. There is a special branch of the German secret police called the Verfassungschutz — ironically, that means “Defense of the Constitution” — whose principal responsibility is to ferret out and arrest anyone suspected of having published or said anything in public which might be offensive to Jews. The Verfassungschutz also arrests people for displaying banned symbols or making forbidden gestures. A German patriot must be careful never to raise his right arm in any way that might be considered “provocative” by the Verfassunschutz, even if he is only shielding his eyes from the sun or greeting a friend. A great many German patriots are in prison today for having gone afoul of the Verfassungschutz in one way or another.”


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