17 July, 2017

Nazi Germany’s 1941 Self-Defense Declaration of War on America (a Re-post from 2015)

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(Yesterday’s post inspired this re-post)

Seen on the TV: several documentaries about Hitler that, of course, told the P.C., “court historian” version of WWII.

Newbies, the August 1941 Atlantic Charter pledged to spread and support democratic values. That must be why the “allies” gave communist thug Joe Stalin half of Europe to rape and murder! How’s that for democracy? Here’s the key text of the Charter: “Sixth, after the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny…” This is America and Britain basically saying “after we destroy Germany,” and it was written 4 months before Hitler declared war on America in December 1941; consider also the American attack on a German radio station in Greenland in Sept. 1941 [1], and a few other hostile American actions. Most normal people would conclude that threatening to “destroy” Germany was a de facto declaration of war, and Hitler certainly concluded that.

[The Atlantic Charter].

[1] the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Northland attacked the radio station on Sept. 14, 1941, burned it, and arrested the crew (as if we had the legal authority in Greenland to arrest German soldiers and burn German equipment)

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