12 July, 2017

Surprise! A Jewish Congressman Has Filed the First Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump

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The Jews have wild fantasies about impeaching Trump; Jews have led the “impeach Trump” movement since Day 1.


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    1. Luke Says:

      I’ve seem some speculation within certain circles of the pro-White online community that posit the idea that the jews have all been faking their hatred and opposition to Trump and that they saw the growing awakening of Whites in America to their targeting of Whites for genocide and to the identity of who has been behind it – namely, the jews. So, according to this theory, the jews cooked up a scheme to make it appear as though they hated Trump in order to energize the racially awake White voters into voting for him, when he was really who the jews wanted to put into the White House all along.

      I don’t necessarily believe every detail of this theory, but I do know one thing about this enemy we face: They are extremely clever and devious and have been successfully pulling the wool over the eyes of the White race for at least 2,000 years. They are the ultimate survivors and deserve the dubious honor of being placed into the same category as cockroaches.

      In other words, I think it’s pretty foolish to automatically discount the possibility that Trump has been their guy from the beginning. I really do not think that the jews liked Hillary all that much. And, after running a pair of pathetic neocon RINOs on the last two GOP tickets – McCain and Romney and seeing the lack of enthusiasm for those RINOs by the GOP white conservative base – they knew that they had to run someone who wasn’t a RINO and who could motivate and energize those White voters who refused to hold their noses and vote for McCain or Romney. Which Trump certainly did do.

      Since being elected, Trump has been stymied on most of the major pro-white policy positions that the jews don’t like, but he has finagled a few minor victories that are like crumbs being tossed to his base to keep them from deserting him completely. And, I’m sure that Trump will be allowed to toss a few more crumbs to his base, as his administration proceeds closer towards the mid-term elections in 2020.

      So, is Trump the jew stooge we hoped to avoid? Is this impeachment filing more clever jewish misdirection, designed to prop up the fraud that the jews hate Trump? I really do not know.

      But, my mind is open to all possibilities. Putting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court might turn out to be his biggest accomplishment, so long as Gorsuch doesn’t morph into a liberal like so many other GOP picks have done.