2 July, 2017

You Can’t Escape Cultural Marxism

Posted by Socrates in "civil rights", "gay pride", "gay", 'human rights', Black Cities, Cultural Marxism, homosexual themes, homosexuals, jewed language, jewed law, René Cassin, Socrates at 1:26 pm | Permanent Link

As I’ve said before, the scary thing about Cultural Marxism is that it is limitless: it can be used anywhere and everywhere (in this case, in city crosswalks; by the way, by forcing “straight” people to walk on “queer” crosswalks, the city of Apelanta is violating “the right of normal citizens not to be needlessly subjected to offensive, anti-family propaganda”; that’s a new “right” that I just invented — sounds like a good one, huh? If the Jews can invent rights out of thin air [e.g., “human rights” and “civil rights”] then so can I).


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  7. 4 Responses to “You Can’t Escape Cultural Marxism”

    1. Wulf Says:

      Was visiting friends in Brisbane Australia and lo and behold outside a Gay Bar on the sidewalk some rainbow plaque espousing that Brisbane embraces the gay community or words to that effect. Just on the side street of the Bar, 20 m from the plaque are disgusting used condoms and vomit on the sidewalk. Yeah real family friendly group…….

      I just can’t stand being around them, it’s just so intolerable. The smarmy way they act. Their skin usually looks funny. I’m not into auras or such but there is definitely something off or queer going on in their body. Perhaps it messes up their head like a heroin junkie, constantly thinking of depravity. It really shows in their skin. I think it burns out their adrenal system or something.

    2. Emily Henderson Says:

      There’s a street in Austin, can’t remember which one, that is winding and is somewhere near a no kill pet shelter, art museum–all those nice White things that progressive White cities have–and it’s lined with rainbow fags..I mean ‘flags’. Hehe. I drove through there thinking, ‘are we declaring this the gay side?’ and it would’ve also been real pretty if not for the fact that it made you think of sodomy, lol.

      Whites really need to reclaim these already White spaces in some way. Tell people if they don’t like your affinity for all things White they are a hater and you can stand no more of their racisms.

    3. Emily Henderson Says:

      *meant to say: ‘crosswalk’ is a word that will eventually be a euphemism for some sort of gay sexual act. So I sorta see how this happened, haha.

    4. Wulf Says:

      Good point “Crosswalk” lol. Perhaps that is the social engineering in play – to cross to the other side. In Weimar Germany in the roaring 20s it was cool to be sexually perverted thanks to the Jewish media and “art” until the great debt crash then reality hit home. Give them hell Emily.