11 August, 2017

A Possible Project: “Discarding Evil”

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Hey, negro at the grocery store: when are you going to discard that cell phone? It must be evil, since evil, racist White people invented it. Do you really want to carry evil around?

Hey, Jew, typing propaganda at the computer: when are you going to discard that computer, since it came from evil White people?

Hey, Mexican, making drug deals in that car: when are you going to discard that car, since it must be evil, coming from racist White people?

In fact, a repository could be created somewhere (perhaps many repositories) for Blacks and Browns to voluntarily discard their evil White technology. Wonder how many would? If such a project actually caught on, and lots of “repositories of evil” sprang up all over the West, it could send an important message to impressionable young people.

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  7. 27 Responses to “A Possible Project: “Discarding Evil””

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      And Fundamentalist Christians should be turned away from hospitals and redirected to the 700 Club, to use their ‘faith of a mustard seed’ and pray instead. Otherwise their faith is not real.

      I got the idea re ‘get rid of evil White things’ from a YT vid done by a half-Iranian and half-White man who was being attacked by Muslims. He said, ‘What are you doing on those computers, you hypocrites? If you hate Westerners so much, why are you in their countries, using their inventions, and getting PhDs in their Universities? A few generations ago you were riding camels.’

    2. Socrates Says:

      Yeah, I admit that I got that “discard” idea from reading one of your posts. :-)

    3. Tina Carter Says:

      Foolish idea.

    4. Socrates Says:

      Tina Carter Says: “Foolish idea.”

      How so?

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      Thats NOT How its going to work people!

      They want to get rid of White Males
      Because we r Evil Hateful and Bigoted.

      But they will be Happy as Hell to Keeps “all dat Stuff”.
      Along with as many of our women so they can rape them
      To unconsciousness, then throw them them in the stew pot.

      Hope all the Dumb Liberal Bitchez like whats coming to em.

      I will have No Sympathy.

    6. Socrates Says:

      Some people missed my point. It would be an educational project.

    7. Emily Henderson Says:

      It’d be sehr gut.

      Of course the Hebrew Israelites would show up in their costumes and claim they invented the sail foam, the flying car, and ‘putters.

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      Should we. Can we?
      Ever expect a fuzzy wuzzy bear hug of Thank yous from people who
      Despise and want to Replace us?
      The people i want Thanks from are our kids and grand kids who realize
      Holcaust 2.0?
      Was for their benefit so they didnt have to live in a once beautiful first world
      White Nation that turned into a black brown and yellow shithole on our watch.

      That they will never know what “forced busing” is or why their being sent
      To a run down school full of violent stupid niggers on the other side of town.

    9. The Red Skull Says:


    10. Emily Henderson Says:

      @The Red Skull: the point (in my interpretation) would not be to get a thank you from snarling niggas.

      It would be to illustrate to White kids that without us these things cease to exist, and make them take notice.

      Let it sink in how many people died just from tainted milk in the wayback, before pasteurization. (Louis Pasteur also developed the first Rabies and Anthrax vaccine).

      White kids who think Injun culture is superior should go to the Navajo medicine man and simply ‘sweat it out’, even if it’s cancer, if they are sincere.

      And asking non-Whites to throw away their ties to Whites via our inventions is a point of entertainment– to see the raging chimpouts combined with the inability to refute from the non-Whites, that all these things are, indeed, White.

    11. fd Says:

      America is lower than the Weimar Republic. There are no White governments in the West.

      The latest assault on the hated Southern Confederacy is taking place in Dallas. Anti-White activist screaming White supremacy want to tear down more Confederate monuments. It never ends.

      The crowd I saw in a picture was laced with FBI agents. They wear blue jeans, tennis shoes and caps masquerading as curious onlookers. So fake.

      Killing Federal agents on Southern soil is a law of nature.

    12. The Red Skull Says:

      Dont worry Son! You’ll get a chance to put wrongs right.
      Texas otta do what Alabama did -make it illegal to tear down
      Any monument in the State. Suggest that to Governor Abbott.

      Lone Star State! Lead the Way! Secession Today Tomorrow and Forever.

      My Utopia is one where anyone who defaces White History could be Tortured
      First and Drawn and Quartered Second.
      Hail General Lee
      Hail The Confederacy!

    13. The Red Skull Says:

      I heard on Good Authority Judas Iscariot was FBI agent
      The Feds that died in the Civil War of Northern Aggression
      Made good fertilizer once they were properly tilled in.

    14. Tina Carter Says:


      Our Keyboard Commander waste their energy flinging insult at Pawns while Queen calls the shots.

      It is foolish to engage in name calling.
      It is foolish to waste time and energy screaming through computer (keyboard commanders).
      It is foolish to watch tv when you know it’s created by your enemy to destroy your race.

      We ain’t gonna win this war being stupid.

      I personally doubt we will ever win. As history has shown white man has always lost his territory outside Europe.

      Roman Lost all of their land in Asia & ME.

      If go back further; even Egyptian were first European to built an empire in Africa, guess what happen to them?

      After WW2 European gave independence to all the people they conquered.

      Now same people are taking our Europe & North Africa.

      We voted for white party (republican) guess what his entire family is married to Jews (this is same in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).

    15. Robert Ferrara Says:

      I assume that you all have read, that the oldest living person in the world, who just passed away, was another “Holocaust survivor” from Auchwitz. Bloody hell!!! How many of these cunts are still around? Another bit of proof that the Halofraud is a bunch of bollocks!!!

    16. Tina Carter Says:

      @Robert Ferrara

      How about Queen Elizabeth II?

      Women who help Jews to Start WW2, and killed 50 million people.

      Hell of survivor don’t you think?

      @Emily Henderson

      Questions should not be why are Muslim destroying Computers & TV.

      Question is why we haven’t done that in the first place?

      Modern Television is nothing more than Jews created electronic poison, and now they have done pretty same with Internet — very few sites left where we nationalist can go and express ourselves.

      It’s a damn shame we Aryan are nothing about willing curs for the Jews to do their bidding.

      Hell we even worship member of their Race “Jesus Son of Yahweh”.

      Current modern society is not that different. Take our finance for example. Entire economic system is built by Jews.

      As stated by Henry Ford:

      “Another talent, however, contributed greatly to his rise in financial power—his ability to invent new devices for doing business. Until the Jew was pitted against the world, business was very crudely done. And when we trace the origins of many of the business methods which simplify and facilitate trade today, more likely than not we find a Jewish name at the end of the clue. Many of the indispensable instruments of credit and exchange were thought out by Jewish merchants, not only for use between themselves, but to check and hold the Gentiles with whom they dealt. The oldest bill of exchange extant was drawn by a Jew—one Simon Rubens. The promissory note was a Jewish invention, as was also the check “payable to bearer.””


    17. fd Says:

      Jews are incapable of building civilization. They operate like a slip-stream tapping into the wealth of societies that are up and running — identical to parasites. The miserable, artificial welfare state styled Israel is symbolic of Jew failure. The great Mongoloid mongrels born out of the racial cauldron of the Middle East have nothing behind them but air. International bastards with no language of their own.

    18. Tina Carter Says:


      Civilization is not made f geographical border, or with brick and building. Jewish people do have civilization.

      It’s just that their exists at our expense.

    19. fd Says:

      @Tina Carter

      Jews are at large. International bastards. Jews inherit the wind. They live among hosts civilizations like parasites.

      The first White child in Georgia was a Jew? That’s funny. Jews are not White; they’re Asiatic Mongoloids. Jews processed sugar at St. Thomas in 1492? That’s funny. You’re phony propaganda doesn’t pass the laugh test.

      Carter, you’re a crypto Jew.

    20. Tina Carter Says:


      “The first White child in Georgia was a Jew? That’s funny. Jews are not White”

      “Hays married Sarah Ann Minis in Savannah on May 7, 1834. Sarah (affectionately called Sally) was the daughter of Isaac and Divinah (Cohen) Minis.[18] An old Savannah family, the Minises were among forty-one Jewish settlers who departed England in 1733[19] and Philip Minis (Sarah’s paternal grandfather) had the distinction of being the first white child born in Georgia”


      “Jews are not White; they’re Asiatic Mongoloids.”

      Yes they are — as per describe by European & American Laws.

      “Jews processed sugar at St. Thomas in 1492? ”

      “Had the Jew become an employe, a worker for other men, his dispersion would not probably have been so wide. But becoming a trader, his instincts drew him round the habitable earth. There were Jews in China at an early date. They appeared as traders in England at the time of the Saxons. Jewish traders were in South America 100 years before the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth Rock. Jews established the sugar industry in the Island of St. Thomas in 1492. They were well established in Brazil when only a few villages dotted the eastern coast of what is now the United States. And how far they penetrated when once they came here is indicated by the fact that the first white child born in Georgia was a Jew—Isaac Minis. The Jew’s presence round the earth, his clannishness with his own people, made him a nation scattered among the nations, a corporation with agents everywhere.”


      “That’s funny.”

      You’re retarded.

      “You’re phony propaganda doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

      All the reference of the histroical data is provided. Some is confirm in Wikipedia, as well as by Heny Ford (Founder of Ford Company).

      “Carter, you’re a crypto Jew.”

      Care to refute the fact? A true Aryan would look at the fact provided to him, and then refute it if error found. Name calling is generally a trait of Jews & Human Curs who works for them.

      Jewish Owned North & South American going back to 500 years. Columbus discovery was made possible by Jews — who also travel with him. His first latter from America was sent to a Jews.

      I provided all my fact with reference: why don’t refute them?

      Is Henry Ford a crypto Jew, Dr. William Pierce as well?

    21. fd Says:

      Tina Carter, your reckless, lying, Jew propaganda is all over the board. Therefore, I shall not respond to it. You write like an angry kid who knows nothing about nothing. 1492 and the Jews? Nothing is further from the truth. You need special education classes.

    22. Tina Carter Says:


      You’re not a white person. You have just proven this right here for everyone to see.

      I proven here that first White person who was born in Georgia was a Jew. As recorded by United State of American, and the State of Georgia.

      Here is the link again:


      Go to your local library and do the research if you think these fact online are lies.

      Rather than looking at the fact you called me a Jew.

      I provided facts from two sources.

      From the book written by Henry Ford, and Wikipedia.

      Than you questioned what happened in 1492 — I provided the link to a book written by Henry Ford. Jews were responsible for voyage of Columbus.

      Even Pastor Bob Jones & Pastor James Wickstrom have stated those facts.

      You revert to name calling a behavior associated with Jews.

      It is you who is an enemy of a White Race. No Pure White/Aryan person would act like you.

      You are not one of us.

      My fellow White blooded Aryan are reading this, and they will calculate this is another indication how deep the hatred is among enemy of my race.

      You will happy to know that I have taken screenshot of you comment, and posted them on Twitter, and instagram.

      You have been exposed.

    23. fd Says:

      Carter, the Jew propagandist.

      The little prissy Carter gets the last word. Such a vulgar mind. The bitter hag threatens my White identity which is born out of some of the oldest English clans of Virginia and German clans of Georgia.

      I can here the bullfrog callin’ me. Wonder if Leo Frank still hangin’ to the tree.

    24. fd Says:

      The first White child in Georgia was a Jew? That’s funny. Jews are not White; they’re Asiatic Mongoloids.

    25. Tina Carter Says:


      At this point not only are expose as non-white. Also you have been expose as a enemy of the Aryan/European race.

      Get a life you are a creepy, filthy, and a fat troll.

      PS: Those of you reading @fd anti-white, pro-liberal missive.

      Just go to any pro-white website and read the book he is dissing Henry Ford!

      He denies the actual fact stated in the history and verified by fellow white/aryan.

      Judge them by their action. His name calling, and jew baiting is a proof he is not white, but fat little low-life, dwelling in basement and watching porn with mom’s clothes.

      The International Jew by Henry
      free version of this book

    26. fd Says:

      The vulgar mind of Carter. The Hags words illustrate her fury and bitterness — suffering a nervous break-down. A non-stop diatribe. She would sicken the heart of a savage.

    27. fd Says:

      As you can see associates, Tina Carter is in the middle of a nervous break-down. Much of her ugly writing is a result of extreme immaturity. Her medication is not working.