31 August, 2017

Gender Bender: Feminist Ideology Goes Off the Deep End

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by R. Houck.


“The Left justifies their attack on gender as an effort to end stereotypes, to break down barriers, and shatter the mythical glass ceiling that holds women down.”

End stereotypes? Break down barriers? Shatter the glass ceiling? That’s just more hot air from Jews and the Left. You could argue that modern feminism is an off-shoot of Marxism (“women are oppressed and exploited by bourgeois White males who are hostile to equality!” — that’s more-or-less the message). Western culture is White male culture, period — in other words, it was built by White men and it must be managed by White men; if not, it will cease being Western culture; in fact, there are places in America today that are no longer Western, e.g., New York City.


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