9 August, 2017

Postmodernism: There’s No Such Thing As Truth or Facts. Those Are Just Silly, White Male Inventions

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You’re not really reading this webpage, because it doesn’t exist. It’s just a social construct created by racist White men. The chair you’re sitting on? That’s a social construct, too. It’s not really there. You’re actually floating on air.

Videos: Here and Here and Here and Here.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Postmodernism: There’s No Such Thing As Truth or Facts. Those Are Just Silly, White Male Inventions”

    1. Tina Carter Says:

      Funny, blame should lie with us White European. Why the hell you guys voted for Trump knowing his family is Jewish?

      You can’t expect good from evil.

      Even Paul ManaFort son-in-law is Jewish! Jeffrey Yohai. Trying googling Aryan with such name lol.

    2. The Red Skull Says:

      We R in trouble!

      All the damn Jews and Neo cons (jews) around Trump.
      His Daughter converted to marry Commie Jew boy Kushner.