16 August, 2017

Two Points About Slavery for Newbies

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Point One: slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks, although that wasn’t anybody’s intention [1]. Indeed, thanks to slavery, Blacks went from being “idiots throwing spears in the jungle,” savages who couldn’t read or write, to being cops, judges, even Supreme Court justices. A great trajectory for a race of people with low IQs.

Point Two: slavery was a bad idea, as Dr. Pierce himself more-or-less noted when he was talking about South Africa; it’s hard to keep 2 million negroes under complete control: they escape, they revolt, they are eventually freed, etc. Plus, slavery made White people lazy and complacent [2].


[1] negro tribal leaders in the jungles of Africa sold their own people to the White slave traders, often for a few shiny trinkets or a couple of chickens

[2] “…South Africans had let themselves become dependent on Black labor. Urban Whites couldn’t imagine life without their Black gardeners and cooks and housemaids and their Black garbage collectors and so on. They weren’t willing to do their own dirty work.” — Dr. William Pierce, “The Lesson of South Africa”

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  7. 5 Responses to “Two Points About Slavery for Newbies”

    1. fd Says:

      Slavery existed in New England for over 200 years. Down the Orwellian memory hole. New Englanders figured out it was cheaper to pay the Irish 10 cents an hour.

    2. Robert Ferrara Says:

      The first SINogogue, was built in JEWport, Rhode Island because of all the kikes who were involved in the slave trade. Any thing that brings in any type of filthy lucre, a kike is always involved.

    3. Wolf Says:

      Well to be honest, black Americans should be “on their knees thanking their Lord” that their ancestors were brought to white Anglo America otherwise they would be staving to death in the latest famine in Africa. Am I right ?

    4. Wolf Says:

      The precious little variable being their fake israel being wiped off the face of the earth

    5. BeoJar Says:

      Slavers were Jews, not White. “Massa”is Hebrew, not bad English, and means “slaver”. As in slave trader. Jew ships andmerchants ported out of Portugal and Spain were responsible for the slave trade routes.