10 August, 2017

White People: the Kings of Human-Kind, But Strangely, Always the Bad People Today

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This is a truly incredible article. If most of the people coming out of the universities today think like this writer does, I fear that Western civilization will end very, very soon. Whiteness and race were “invented”?? Thomas Jefferson was a rapist?? I’m glad my late grandfather isn’t around to read such things.

Let’s get a couple of things straight from the get-go: Whites gave the world to mankind. Western culture is the mother of humanity. Hi, Mom! Since ancient Greece, Western culture has been a beacon of light for the world. Black and Brown people, Jews, and women should say, every day if possible, “thanks, White men, for giving us everything we have and everything we know!”

Look here: if you live in a Western country (e.g., the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, etc.) and you enjoy all the fruits of Western civilization (democracy, electricity, the TV, the stereo, the camera, refrigeration, air conditioning, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, etc.), then you are duty-bound to respect our Western culture. If you don’t respect it, then you should leave the West. In fact, Western culture is so special, so precious, so wonderful, that it should be illegal in the Western countries to criticize Western culture in any mass media (print, TV, radio airwaves, internet). Such criticism leads to cultural cheapening, which in turn leads to cultural rot. Really, think about it: if certain people don’t like Western culture, why are they living in the West? Hmmm? Why don’t they move to Asia? Or the Middle East? Or Mexico?


  • 6 Responses to “White People: the Kings of Human-Kind, But Strangely, Always the Bad People Today”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      I always find it the height of ironic when camel riders and hut dwellers get on their computies to complain about Whites.

      And when Injuns on the Rez complain that they want their kids to have access to Western healthcare and schooling, yet they live in their own Nation within a Nation and shouldn’t need us–after all, this was paradise and they were fine before Whites came here, so what’s the need to have ‘access’ to White stuff about?

      Air conditioner, I laugh when a nigga has it on full blast in their hooptie. And complain they hot when walking around in America. They wouldn’t go back to Africa willingly to deal with that heat and reality if you packed them in ice.

    2. Thom McQueen Says:

      Chanda Hsu Prescott Weinstein is a nigger. I guess she has some Chinee too.

      And some jew. A freakin platypus. Yellow sandnigger need the sheet with the hole in it.


    3. Antagonistes Says:

      Her mind is not well-instructed or she would not talk about fake science while repeating fake history.

      Thom, I would not even airbrush a face like that on anyone’s derriere.

    4. Tina Carter Says:

      Jews are have always been our master.

      As professor Oliver Said:

      “Aryan curs in the new Promised Land will do whatever their masters order them to do, and will eventually hand over their own parents or children for sacrifice in Jerusalem, if the lowly creatures are suspected of thinking thoughts that are not kosher.”


      Our enemies are with us — as one them said it here. They would support Jewish over European! Just like WW2.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      I got a plastic empty bag i carry around
      Whenever can i take it out to show people.
      I say this is my bag for White Guilt.
      I want you to notice its completely Fucking Empty!

      We Are The Best Race Ever. !
      If your a Liberal Commie please move to a brown or black
      3rd World Shithole so you can truly get the full crappy taste
      Of “Diversity”.

      White America was the best place ever. Created by for and about White People.

      Deal with it Bitchez!

    6. Tina Carter Says:

      @The Red Skull

      “White America was the best place ever. Created by for and about White People.”

      Care to tell us when did such an America existed?

      Henry Ford stated in his book “The International Jew”.

      “Jews established the sugar industry in the Island of St. Thomas in 1492. They were well established in Brazil when only a few villages dotted the eastern coast of what is now the United States. And how far they penetrated when once they came here is indicated by the fact that the first white child born in Georgia was a Jew—Isaac Minis. The Jew’s presence round the earth, his clannishness with his own people, made him a nation scattered among the nations, a corporation with agents everywhere.”

      Rest of book pretty much confirmed that Jews have owned American (both south and north) since White Man start migrating to new world.

      Nothing has change in last 500 years.
      Read the entire book yourself.