18 August, 2017

White Supremacy? Duh. Or, Whose Side is Arnold On?

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Rocks are hard. Ice cream is cold. Water is wet. Lava is hot; and using the term “White supremacy” is ridiculous: of course Whites are supreme! As for Arnold, I think he has spent a little too much time in the dumbbell room and not enough time around real White people.

“Schwarzenegger also addressed the protesters, saying they must “zap the [expletive] out of “the “cancer” that is white supremacy…” [Article].

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  7. 14 Responses to “White Supremacy? Duh. Or, Whose Side is Arnold On?”

    1. Emily Henderson Says:

      He wasn’t even clever enough to threaten to ‘terminate’ White Nationalism—he’ll ‘zap’ it? That is the threat of a ‘puny girly man’–he needs to ‘pump it up.’

      But then again we are talking about a man who betrayed his White family by sleeping with the cleaning lady and producing a lil Mexican offspring. God knows Cali needed at least one more ‘Latino’.

      ‘Franz and Hanz’ threatening to zap Whites would at least be entertaining. This is just sad.

    2. Jürgen Says:

      180% WRONG

      Arnold is not only wrong, he’s 180% wrong.
      JEWS ARE THE CANCER IN AMERICA, not White Nationalism.
      Never thought he was this stupid.

    3. John Smith Says:

      It begs the question if you are rich why not a white cleaning lady?

    4. Chandala Says:

      I vote for “White Separatism”.

      That gets us most of what people want by “White Supremacism”.
      We can argue about how much of the world would be occupied by white separatists (and how much by blacks and Jews) later, and by “how much” I also mean population levels, not just geography. With modern computer technology there’s no reason why the different separatist countries can’t still cooperate and trade, just no cohabitation within the same country, so no miscegenation.

      “White Supremacism” is a threatening term that makes non-whites think we’re coming to exterminate them, so it engenders unnecessary opposition. Besides, by advocating “Racial Separation” other races should see that as something desirable for themselves, so we would gain the support of other races, other countries, we would gain allies. There are many countries that would see a world founded upon respect for, and separation of, the various races as desirable. There are many countries that have no desire to see their countries founding race and culture obliterated by some United Nations version of “We Are The World”, and they certainly don’t want to be “Detroited”. I’m sure that the Japanese would support us. I’m sure they have no desire to see even a single Muslim or Semite invading their sacred Islands. Likewise for Koreans. Likewise for many Irish. Likewise many countries in Eastern Europe, even if they don’t consider themselves pure White, but maybe Eurasian, or Slavic, if they don’t consider that White (which I do by the way). Likewise even for races that are trying to RE-GAIN their “Separatism”, like the separatist races in the Balkans, like the Slavs who don’t want their countries swamped by a tidal wave of Muslim Semites.

      A big part of the kerfuffle in Charlottesville came from the fact that those opposing the removal of the statue allowed themselves to be tarred and branded as “Supremacists”, so everyone else feared them, and then attacked them. Had they insisted that they were “Separatists, not Supremacists”, then it would have been a whole different conversation, it would have taken a lot of the steam out of the attacks of the other side.

      As long as the rest of the world can agree on a world founded upon “Racial Separatism” instead of racial supremacism and racial genocide, then
      White Separatism – not White Supremacism.

    5. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Amen and agreed to all of the above comments. Ahhnold, had been kissing the arses of the kikes for years. Beginning with his weightlifting career with the Jew Joe Wieder. Then when he came to Hymiewood, he had to do the same shite. As Emily and Joe had pointed out, he shags that metzizo, that he probably got for pennies on the dollar, not hiring a fellow White to work for him.

    6. fd Says:

      White Separatist is proper. In nature separation is freedom. Crabbing off an old bridge, I noticed that one side was all red crabs, the other side were all blue.

    7. Luke Says:

      Think about the millions of shekels that this motherfucker managed to hustle out of the wallets of White men, and particularly, White Southern men during his movie career.

      Without those White guys paying to see his movies, this fucking asswipe would be working in a stench filled gym club somewhere, sweeping the floors and washing the dirty, cheezy smelling jock straps of the gym’s clientele and living in a one room shitty apartment and having to eat macroni & cheeze for supper every night.

    8. fd Says:

      The media will always label White separatists as White supremacists.

      The cool thing about the 1960s race wars in the South is that the cops and plain clothes racists were all the same people.

    9. The Red Skull Says:

      Strange talk from an Austrian son of an SS Officer.
      He turned into a self hating White who’s given MILLIONS
      OF DOLLARS! To the Simon hateful Jew Weisenthal center.

      Fuck Ahhnold and the horse he rode in on.

    10. fd Says:

      Ahhnold Is a bought and paid for whore. He sold his birthright to those reptiles…

    11. Thom McQueen Says:

      I was in Australia when that whacker Weider literally gave the Mr. Olympia title to fat Arnold. The other contestants bailed, literally smashing their 2nd and 3rd place trophies.

    12. Kurt Meyer Says:

      One needs to look at at most of Arnold’s movies, on why he is usually partnered with non white females in his action roles.

    13. fd Says:

      With all his millions, Arnold did not fly home to be at his Father’s funeral.

    14. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Yes fd, I remember reading about that. What a cunt. That action speaks volumes about the man. If he had, that would have been anti-Semitic. Oy vey!!!!