7 September, 2017

More on Reparations

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“After a good, long whine along this line intended to soften up and “sensitize” the Gentile world, the Jews became much more specific in their complaints at the beginning of last year. Conveniently, they waited until after a law outlawing racist and anti-Semantic (sic) statements was passed in Switzerland. This made the Swiss not only worry that they were being “insensitive” by opposing Jewish demands, they also wondered if they could get into legal trouble. With this anti-dissent law in place Jewish pressure groups claimed that many Jews stashed their money in secret, numbered Swiss bank accounts during the 1930s and early 1940s in anticipation of difficulties with the German authorities. Then these Jews were “holocausted” and their money remains in secret accounts. They claimed the Swiss had not done all they could to try to locate heirs of the depositors. They =owed= all of that money in dormant accounts to the Jews — =plus interest.=”


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    1. CM Says:

      Thank you for Dr. William Pierce’s words.