28 September, 2017

The 1991 Gulf War: a Short Recap for Newbies, or, Everything We (the U.S.) Do, We Do for the Jew

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A re-post mentioning the Gulf War, from 2014, is far below, in bold text.

To bolster that older post and to sort of repeat a little history: America attacked Iraq in 1991 after first suggesting that it wouldn’t attack, i.e., that America didn’t really care about Arab-Arab infighting between Iraq and Kuwait [1]. But Israel feared the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, for two reasons: the basic aggression of it (only the Jews, and America, are “allowed” to wage war in the Middle East), and the huge wealth transfer that it produced (billions of dollars gained by Saddam Hussein, which Saddam presumably lost later due to the massive war damage to Iraq); twelve years later, the Jews were still paranoid about Saddam, hence the 2003 Iraq War; it has already been admitted that the Iraq War (an illegal war, based on lies, waged on a sovereign country) was fought for Israel’s benefit, just like the Gulf War was.
[1] at first, the American diplomatic position on the Iraq-vs.-Kuwait matter was that “it isn’t our problem.” But that quickly changed due to Jewish political pressure on Washington D.C.

From December 2014 (the original article is Here):

Ever since the 1991 Gulf War (a war waged for Israel’s benefit), relations between America and the Muslim world have been poor [1]. When the Muslims don’t like America, we are less safe. But America’s leaders say just the opposite: they say that we are more safe. That’s like saying that the Sahara Desert is wet, not dry. Notice that America is “leaving” Afghanistan, yet, 11,000 U.S. troops will remain there, for who knows how long. What do you think that will do for American/Muslim relations?

[1] re: the Gulf War: not only did Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait scare Israel, but Israel feared an Iraq newly enriched with money, gold (1.3 billion ounces!) and other valuables taken during the invasion of Kuwait. Iraq had previously been bankrupted by a long war with Iran

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    1. The Red Skull Says:

      The ” make Iraq Our Enemy “? War was completely a War fought
      By US Goyim on behalf of AmeriKwas Real Masters……..
      The JEWS!

      AmeriKwan troops were also labrats for Big Pharma.
      The Anthrax “Vaccine” was later implicated in the
      Notorious “GULF WAR SYNDROME”

      Saddams Bathist Party was FACIST IN ORIGIN AND BELIEF.


      Is what scared Jews sooooo bad about Saddam.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Operation Iraq —-Misapplied loyalty; doing the jews’ bidding, based upon lies, of course.

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      They lied about WMDs and its a testament to the stupidity of Amerikwans tha tthey can’t even remember