23 October, 2017

A Message to White U.S. Military Veterans

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American veterans: did you risk your lives in combat zones the world over just so that you could come home to illegal immigration, multiculturalism, anti-White schemes and physical attacks on Whites (including many attacks on policemen) by Black extremists and “antifas”? It would seem that you did, if you look around America in 2017! Would General George Patton or Lieutenant General Chesty Puller have tolerated such anti-White, culturally Marxist activity? Nope. Will you even have a retirement pension in 20 years, given the growing anti-White, culturally Marxist attitudes in America? How will you collect a pension if the leftists bankrupt America? Veterans, it’s time for you to think about joining together with other White people to help save America from Cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, Brown immigration and other anti-Western/anti-White schemes. Make no mistake: this is not a call to violence, this is simply a call to political activism — after all, if Blacks, Mexicans and others can work together towards their interests, then we can do likewise. America was founded in 1776 as a White republic, not as a multicultural democracy (“mobocracy”) where the loudest or most violent voices obtain the most governmental resources and where Whites are treated as third-class citizens. You can help save our White republic before it becomes too late to save it. In fact, your help may decide the key question facing Americans: will the U.S.A. remain a stable, White republic, or will it become a Brown, lawless, miserable cesspool like Brazil? [1][2].

[1] as one recent article pointed out, a country can only remain healthy if the citizens all share the same goals and values. But how will America remain healthy if we allow it to be flooded with all sorts of Third-world riff-raff?

[2] the United States of America was founded by 118 White men, not by any Brown or Black men

  • 3 Responses to “A Message to White U.S. Military Veterans”

    1. Joe Says:

      Alas… most of the people you’re trying to sway would rather side with their biblical brain-washing religions than follow the call of Nature for their progeny’s survival. We must protect Israel and if we dare to criticize them, we’re akin to Nazis! That’s how their minds work (or fail to work). I fear only great suffering will knock the poisonous suicidal ideas out of their heads.

    2. Erik du Fresne Says:

      Our ancestors were much more intelligent when they used to build walls around all of their cities, which means that if we are to ever be as strong as Europeans once were, we should complete the border wall (to separate us from Mexico) and then: build walls around each of our nations major (and minor) cities and (even): small towns.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      This Country was founded by for and about White People!
      It wasn’t created for mexicans negros chinese hindus Buddhists
      Greasers Wogs or any human mystery meat that can manage to
      Walk fly swim or crawl here .