5 October, 2017

Another Goy Control Program in Australia

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Police Officer: “You must turn in all of your guns to the government, for the sake of crime and terrorism prevention.”

White guy: “So, now we’ll be unarmed and non-White thugs can prey on us anytime they choose.”

Police Officer: “Well, we aim to please! Oops, sorry, no pun intended! Remember, if Black or Brown criminals are killing you at 3:00 AM, just call us up. We’ll arrive within the hour, hopefully. Maybe you’ll still be alive when we get there!”

White guy: “That sounds nifty. You’re a credit to your uniform, officer!”


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  7. One Response to “Another Goy Control Program in Australia”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:



      If GUNS should be banned because of one madman, why aren’t you calling for TRUCKS to be banned after some madman uses one to run over, say, 59 people and injure hundreds more?

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