27 October, 2017

Lippmann, Winchell and World War II

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(Above: Hell on earth: Dresden, Germany after the allied firebombings, 1945)

World War II was the turning point for the White race. In fact, you could say that WWII was the beginning of the end of the White race.


“The conclusion I came to after reading the two books is that indeed Lippmann and Winchell were enormously influential in shaping mass opinion and public policy during the World War II era and post-war period.  They both banged the drums—particularly Winchell—for U.S. entry into WWII, and they came out in favor of what’s come to be known as the politically correct side of issues that became salient after the war: black civil rights, racial integration, immigration, and women’s issues.  In my view, you can speak of these two men in the same breath as the Frankfurt School of intellectuals and Freudian psychology in influencing what America has become since the 1930s.”

Make no mistake, newbies: America didn’t simply enter WWII. America was shoved into WWII by “certain people” who wanted to destroy Hitler’s Germany. (I call those certain people “The Horsejews of the Apocalypse” after Revelation 6:8 and Albrecht Dürer’s painting because, indeed, “Hell followed with them” and that’s especially true of the 1945 inferno at Dresden where the “allies” dropped tons of firebombs on women and children).


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  7. 4 Responses to “Lippmann, Winchell and World War II”

    1. Stan Burns Says:

      Here are some powerful quotations by and about Jews and Negroes:

    2. Robert Ferrara Says:

      Winchell was another kike who changed his name to make it more acceptable to the goyim. Lippmann, was just another kike who much to my irritation, has a German name. Everyone of these wankers should have a Hebrew name. That way can identify them better.

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      The Jews
      Wrecking Civilizations since 3000bc!
      Still at it too!
      Current Jew Termite Mission: White Western Civilization.
      Which has brought Humanity out of the Dark Ages and into
      The Space Era.
      Reason: The Jews are Jealous Petty Control Freaks from Hell.
      Who cant rest until all the Goyim are under their Satanic Control.
      Their Talmud says they have a right to rule over us because being
      Non Jews we are only animals to them.
      Understand and Embrace that this is how they feel about you.
      It’ll be easier to deal out Justice when time comes.

    4. WhiteWinger Says:

      I’ve always wished someone would ask this rhetorical question:

      What if it were proven, that WW1 and WW2 were nothing but elaborately planned JOKES , played upon the White Race, by THE JEWS?