28 October, 2017

The War on George Washington re: Slavery, or, We Hate White People For Civilizing Us

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Most of America’s Founding Fathers owned slaves — it wasn’t controversial back then, since negroes were considered to be less-than-human. Regardless, the ugly truth is that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks. If you ask an American negro if he wants to go back to Africa and live there in a little grass hut with no running water, eat bugs, throw spears and grunt instead of talk (1 grunt for “yes” and 2 grunts for “no”), what do you think he’d say? Riiggghhhttt. Slavery improved the lives of Blacks 20-fold, although granted, that improvement wasn’t intentional; but the Blacks won’t thank Whites for slavery because “the power of the victim” is far too useful for them to give up: Blacks, like Jews, know that it pays off big-time to be “perpetual victims.”


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