12 November, 2017

More Green Marxism: the UN Conference on Climate Change

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(Above: the Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, the man who created the framework for, and wrote the charter for, the United Nations, founded in 1945; the communist/Soviet agent Harry “the Hop” Hopkins has been credited for “saving” the UN founding conference in San Francisco in 1945 by meeting with and appeasing Soviet thug Joe Stalin; there were so many communists involved in the founding of the UN that it’s surprising that anyone takes the UN seriously; why is America even involved with the UN?)

You’ve heard of Political Science courses at universities? Well, green Marxism really is “political science.” Those who don’t embrace the ideas of green Marxism are portrayed as fools or as morally bankrupt scoundrels. (It was previously called “global warming” but the green Marxists had to change the name to “climate change” once the so-called climate-change-deniers discovered scientific evidence that the earth was not getting warmer at the rate that the green Marxists claimed)[1]. Green Marxism is another global scheme in a world full of global schemes.

[1] there was zero “global warming” from February 1997 to October 2015 (that’s almost 19 years); the earth’s temperature has naturally fluctuated over the centuries

  • 4 Responses to “More Green Marxism: the UN Conference on Climate Change”

    1. BroncoColorado Says:

      Jews, international bureaucrats, and commies, almost have a monopoly on being ugly and revolting bastards.

    2. Mark Says:

      “Why is America even involved with the UN?”

      It is through the vehicle of the UN that the US Globalists and Zionists (Jews) intend to reshape the world to their liking. It is no coincidence that the UN is in the US or that the US pays most of the UN budget. Of course, the puppet UN sometimes works against Jewish interests, but retreats upon US threats of funding reductions or withdrawal from UN projects, i.e., UNESCO.

      The fact alone that the UN does nothing to stop the slaughter in Yemen – supported by Israel and the US – is proof enough of UN subservience to Jewish geopolitical goals!

    3. The Red Skull Says:

      True the UN is the Framework for the NWO to implementing their plans.
      Thats why its important to start a move to withdraw from them
      Defund them
      Tell them to get the fuck out our Country!


    4. spahnranch1969 Says:

      “Jews, international bureaucrats, and commies, almost have a monopoly on being ugly and revolting bastards.”

      You got that right! From Henry Kissinger to Jennifer Rubin to Robert Reich those creatures look like escapees from a freak circus.