19 November, 2017

North Korea Is a Threat to America? Or, More Neocon Globalist Bullshit

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“America is the lone democratic superpower. Therefore, it’s our duty to meddle in every corner of the world, no matter what the cost might be.” This is the neoconservative ideology. Why is America adopting it now, in the era of Donald Trump? We should be moving away from neocon bullshit, not toward it.

It’s fashionable to call the fat retard Kim Jong-un a “threat to America.” But how is he a threat? He isn’t a threat to America. He’s only a possible threat to South Korea and Japan. Let them deal with Fatso. If they need nukes to deal with Kim, then America can sell them some nukes. Problem solved.

It’s time for America to return to isolationism. Let other countries fight and die for stupid reasons.


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    1. fd Says:

      The only way a leviathan government can justify its obese existence is by perpetual war. Federal power is dedicated to maintaining itself and the international monetary system.

      The Yellow Brick Road represented the money powers. Fire, smoke and loud noises didn’t scare Toto off. The dog pulled the curtain back and exposed the absent-minded professor.

      The people keep paying for what they already own. Jews own property of host nations. Those people have nothing behind them but air.