27 December, 2017

Far-Leftists With Guns

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Don’t these guys know? Most shooting ranges in America are privately-owned. Most guns are privately-owned. Most of the cars used to travel to gun ranges are…yep, privately-owned. That’s private property. Maybe someone should tell them. Don’t they hate private property? Shouldn’t the state own all property? Hmmmm? It’s pretty clever how they use the word “Redneck” in their group’s name. By the way, how come none of these far-leftists ever move to Cuba, the leftist paradise? It’s very close to America (only 90 miles from Florida). Why don’t they ever move there? Isn’t that place a utopia, a nirvana of equality and anti-racism?


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  7. 2 Responses to “Far-Leftists With Guns”

    1. J├╝rgen Says:



      Pack all these marxists liberals, antifa thugs and jews into
      barges, with just enough fuel to reach the harbour in Havana,
      Cuba – then p-u-f-f-f…they run out of gas just as they slide up
      on to the sands there. Exactly the opposite of what Castro did
      40 years ago, when he loaded up all of his trash nigger criminals
      and sent them off to Miami.

    2. Maynard Says:

      If these are the kind of whites that are left in this world, we will have to fight them along with jews and other non-whites. Maybe the white race is not worth saving. What do you guys thinK?

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