19 December, 2017

The EU Politicians Say: Europe Will Accept a Flood of Brown Immigrants, Like It Or Not!

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Did the EU politicians ask the Europeans if they wanted millions of Brown immigrants? Nope. Why not? Unleashing a flood of Brown immigrants into White Europe is a direct violation of the natural sovereignty of the European nations; it also physically endangers the White citizens of Europe (ask the Swedes about rapes committed by immigrants).

Can you imagine the UN, for example, telling South Korea that it must accept millions of White or Brown immigrants? I can’t. Not at all. In fact, only White countries are expected to accept millions of immigrants who are not of the same race. Only the White countries “must” accept millions of racial aliens. Why is that? Why isn’t the same thing demanded of Brown, Black or Asian countries?

The goal of massive Brown immigration into the White, Western countries is racial replacement — in other words, White genocide. Indeed, the EU Commissioner for Migration applauded online essays that called Europe “too White.” What more do you need to know? The EU says: “We cannot and will never be able to stop migration.” That statement is total horseshit. Especially if you remove all financial incentives for Brown immigrants to travel to Europe or America. It’s like quitting smoking or drinking: to stop Brown immigration into the White world, you have to want to stop it! And clearly, according to its own words, the EU administration doesn’t want to stop it. Instead, it wants to accelerate it. (Why isn’t it illegal under international law to plan the genocide of White cultures? Oh, yeah, that’s right: it is illegal. Yep: it’s illegal under the 1948 anti-genocide treaty that was signed by all European countries, including Greece, the EU Commissioner for Migration’s home turf! Given that fact, will he be arrested for planning White genocide?).


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