25 January, 2018

Hitler Revisited

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(Above: Adolf Hitler with his dog)

First and foremost, if America had signed the 1936 Anti-Comintern Pact like it should have done (that anti-communist treaty was signed by Italy, Japan and Germany), World War II never would have happened. Instead, those four powers would have turned their guns toward the East and stomped the crap out of the criminal, Jewish/Bolshevik “Soviet Union” [1]. That would have been the proper thing to do. But, no, the crippled commie F.D. Roosevelt and his many Jewish handlers (e.g., Bernard Baruch) took the opposite approach and America joined up with the murderous Soviet thugs in November 1933, long before Hitler had opened up any so-called “extermination” camps or had invaded any country. Roosevelt chose sides with evil and now he’s a “hero” for doing so! Unbelievable.


[1] all of the Soviet leaders had previously served time in jail or prison. The Soviet Union was literally a criminal state

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  7. 4 Responses to “Hitler Revisited”

    1. Kurt Frohling Says:

      Real research into the causes of WWI & II will lead to discoveries that will shock & anger you. Real research into the effects of WWI & II will, for those with a soul and a love for the white race, break your heart. It is a tragedy without end and a crime without justice. Please, no more brother wars.

    2. fd Says:

      AH: “When man attempts to rebel against the iron logic of Nature, he comes into struggle with the principles to which he himself owes his existence as a man.” ‘Iron logic of nature’ is more accurate than a law of nature. Nature regulates.

      The New Reich was largely destroyed because the German people had the audacity and courage to escape the international monetary system.

    3. George Rudman Says:

      I believe Mussolini is one of the big reasons Barbarosa didn’t get off earlier.
      The Italian invasion of Greece had their army getting a beating by the Greeks.
      Hitler had to send troops to help this anchor around his neck. These German
      troops were part of Barbarosa which had to be pushed back to june 22,1941.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      Thinking and soul searching will lead Whites to the truth and loyalty to each other.